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Helpline: Restructures & Redundancy


Webinar Duration: 30 minutes

Original Recording Date: 9 March 2022

Suitable for: Senior management
– owner operator/operations manager/general manager


Presented by Aynaz Nowparvar, from our Helpline team 

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The focus for this month’s update: Restructures & Redundancy

Redundancy can very generally be defined as: “When an employee’s position is superfluous to the needs of the employer.” The emphasis in this definition is on the ‘position’, and not the ‘person’. Even in this distressing environment of significant financial pressure and uncertainty, a restructure is still a last resort measure with a complex process to undertake. It all requires careful handling.

In this webinar Aynaz Nowparvar will:

  • Go through the do’s and dont’s of a restructure and will provide an overview of the restructure process
  • Provide useful guidance how to manage a restructuring process and ways to engage with staff the right way