Music is an essential ingredient for hospitality businesses, however not everyone knows that to use music in a business setting you need permission from the creators of the music you play.

When you play music in a business or organisation (as opposed to a domestic setting), this is considered a public performance under the Copyright Act 1994.

OneMusic offers simple licences to businesses, granting you the permission you need to play music.

A OneMusic licence grants permission from music creators — songwriters, composers, music publishers, recording artists and record labels — to use their music. Through agreements with similar organisations around the world, a OneMusic licence grants businesses permission to play virtually all commercially available music.

As well as granting you permission to play background music, OneMusic can also grant you permission to host live performances, DJs and Karaoke nights.

Who is OneMusic?

OneMusic is a joint initiative between the two organisations that administer music rights in New Zealand, APRA AMCOS – who represent songwriters, composers and music publishers – and Recorded Music NZ – who represent owners of sound recordings (usually record labels and recording artists).

Both APRA and Recorded Music NZ are non-profit member organisations, which means that after administration costs all licence fees collected are paid to music creators as royalties.

What next?

Before you start using music, complete a OneMusic Hospitality licence application form and return it to OneMusic. They will send you a countersigned copy of the licence for your records and a sticker for your window to show your customers that you support music creators.

For more information or to download an application form visit Want to know more? The OneMusic team are experts in music licensing – call them on 0800 800 663, or email them at