Gain exclusive member stationery, technology, furniture, cleaning and hygiene product benefits with OfficeMax.

Restaurant Association members have access to additional discounts off of OfficeMax’s already low business accountholder pricing.  Savings are available on thousands of products including stationery, cleaning, hygiene, masks, gloves, technology, furniture and much more.

QUICK FACT ~ Discounts vary by product but a Member who typically spends an average of $250 per month with OfficeMax can often save on average $497 per year – which can help cover the cost of your annual Restaurant Association membership.  Your savings may vary based on the types and quantities of the products you purchase. If you have any queries call the Association on 0800 737 827.

There are two ways to take advantage of the offer and save time and money – choose the one that works best for your business:

Option 1. Open an account
  • Receive Restaurant Association member discounts.
  • Obtain special pricing on up to 20 of your most frequently purchased items.
  • Work with an account manager who can help you manage your costs.
  • Manage your cash – receive invoices online for payment by the 20th of the month following your purchase.

IF THIS MEETS YOUR NEEDS, open an account with OfficeMax or, have your current OfficeMax account linked to the Restaurant Association pricing. Email ranz@officemax.co.nz and they will help get you started, or contact the Association on 0800 737 827.

Option 2. Fast and easy, special pricing without having to open an account … the OrderMax cash account
  • Instant access to Restaurant Association pricing without the need for an account?
  • Pay by credit card

IF THIS APPEALS, simply click here (you’ll need to login to this member only section of our website). You can find a special link to the RA member cash accounts and instructions  to help get you started!

Orders are usually delivered within 3 business days. Free delivery on orders over $75 (ex GST) (see officemax.co.nz/delivery-information for details)