Crombie Lockwood

Gain exclusive member insurance benefits.

Collective pricing and individually tailored insurance covers exclusive to Restaurant Association members.

Crombie Lockwood’s business depends on the relationships they create and nurture with our clients. Their philosophy is that if they are unable to add value that exceeds pricing, they have no right to expect client loyalty. Only through Crombie Lockwood’s commitment to understand your business and actively add value to the relationship will they succeed.

Since the Christchurch quakes, all insurers want their portfolio of business to be as attractive as possible to reinsurers to help keep those costs down – for them and for you. To achieve that they’re looking closely at the business they write. So you will notice higher natural disaster (ND) premiums, higher ND deductibles and expect more questions from insurers to assist them to understand exactly what your location and business is and rate it appropriately. In times like this, working smarter and collectively will ensure you get the best out of your insurance dollars. In short, it’s time to rely on an authorised industry professional.

How does this help you? Through collective bargaining Crombie Lockwood are able to offer Restaurant Association members some of the best rates on the market. This is because Crombie Lockwood combines all insurance requests from every member in the Restaurant Association to make one large request to the underwriters. This creates considerable savings for individual restaurants due to the bulk buying process.

Despite most insurers declining to offer covers in high risk areas, the good news is that Crombie Lockwood can still get cover for Natural Disasters (earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, etc) for older buildings and businesses inside them and for any business or building in both Wellington and Christchurch.

If you think it’s time to see what other members already enjoy, we suggest a free face-to-face consultation. All you have to do is complete a few details at Contact Crombie Lockwood, and they will be in contact to explain and assist you further.