Gallagher Insurance (formerly Crombie Lockwood)

Tailored insurance with your needs in mind

Gallagher Insurance (formerly Crombie Lockwood) has been looking after hospitality businesses for 20 years and knows right now that many of our members are looking for flexibility when it comes to their insurance costs.

They have an insurance offer specifically tailored to the hospitality industry and exclusively available to Restaurant Association members.

As a major supporter of the Association, they are offering a personalised insurance review so you can learn how to manage the risks in your business while balancing the costs.

The sorts of options that a review may uncover are:

  • reducing cover levels when you are carrying lower stocks;
  • reviewing gross profit numbers and making sure you are insuring at realistic sums so you’re not paying more in insurance than you need to be:
  • reassessing your motor vehicle covers;
  • making sure your overall insurance plan takes account of your current trading conditions
  • introducing ongoing reviews to ensure that as your business recovers your insurance matches your recovery

To understand how Gallagher Insurance can help your business click here and we’ll arrange for a Gallagher broker to contact you shortly.