Future of Hospitality Roadmap

Launched in 2021, the Future of Hospitality Roadmap is an industry-led document to support the revival and replenishment of the hospitality sector in Aotearoa following the devastating impact of COVID-19. Now, the single most important issue is the sector’s recovery and while it will be no easy job, the Restaurant Association is laser-focused on assisting the industry to become stronger and more resilient.

Our vision: a hospitality sector fit for the future.

The first of it’s kind in Aotearoa, this roadmap sets out how we propose to not only attract more Kiwis to hospitality as a career but also pave the way for the sector to be seen as a national leader – a vital ingredient in nationwide tourism that continues to provide a growth story for the economy.

The 4 goals of The Future of Hospitality Roadmap are:

  1. Create workable solutions for legacy issues faced by the industry
  2. Encourage better partnership between industry and Government
  3. Support the development of fit for purpose, adequately funded education and training options that produce ready-to-work, productive, career focused workers
  4. . Build business capability, to develop sustainable and financially fit buisnesses prepared for the future

The Roadmap identifies the following challenges our industry is facing:

  1. Poor skills pipeline and a lack of skilled local workers
  2. Complicated regulatory landscape
  3. A fragmented hospitality sector
  4. A lack of joined-up Government leadership
  5. Variable business acumen
  6. Poor national narrative

Who we are talking and collaborating with:

We are engaging with key industry stakeholders, seeking input and collaboration.

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Through the Future of Hospitality Roadmap we’ve identified the industry’s challenges, identified our goals and mapped out transformation. Many of the initiatives outlined in the Future of Hospitality Roadmap are underway, including the launch of the industry accreditation platform, HospoCred and our Rangitahi project / youth advisory.

Find out more about the Roadmap here.