Entry-level Recruitment

The Hospo Start programme is committed to assisting employers with the challenge of finding people with the right skill set to enter the hospitality industry.

In partnership with the Ministry of Social Development we are part of changing people’s lives, seeing them equipped with entry level skills and mentoring support to gain and maintain employment in hospitality.

“It’s great to see young people being introduced to the industry as a profession. Through Hospo Start, they receive current, interesting, exciting knowledge that is relevant to the hospitality industry today. We have been lucky enough to have had some hard-working and dedicated team members come to us through Hospo Start.”

The below candidates have enrolled and graduated from Restaurant Association’s Hospo Start programme and are now actively seeking entry-level positions in hospitality (Auckland Region). Find out more about the Hospo Start programme here.

If you’re in Auckland and interested in hiring a Hospo Start graduate or have reached out to them through their CV information please call us on 0800 737 827 to discuss or email hospostart@restaurantnz.co.nz.

Current Job Seekers


Helen Paddison

Seeking: Front of House position 

I am a professional person who is keen, focused and full of potential.  I have worked in many customer service positions and am a great team player. I have had experience as a barista and am looking to get into a waitress role. I would thrive working in the dining environment as I am a sociable person who loves to care for people and provide great service.  I have been in sole charge of a shop for a couple of years and been in managerial roles, also I am confident working independently.  I am friendly, creative, a good communicator, know how to take initiative, and I like to present myself well.

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Central Auckland

Pakihi Yelash

Seeking: Bar back position

A spark of interest that became a hobby which is now a dream. I want to own my own beach side bar one day, but for me to do that I need bar experience. I want to learn as much as I can. Mount Roskill Grammar School taught me leadership, McDonalds gave me front of house and customer skills, now I hope I can be given a chance to gain bar skills.

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Central Auckland