2022 Pd Roadshow

Queenstown May 30

This year’s full day bespoke workshop was created for business owners and senior managers looking to kickstart 2022 with a bang.

Discuss strategies to inspire, motivate, and empower your teams, and explore how innovative technological systems can streamline business operations and maximise profits.

Delivering our Roadshow 2022 are Marg Main and Adrian Wills, two industry heavyweights with decades of hospitality experience under their belt. Don’t miss out, numbers are limited! Join this powerhouse duo, by securing your Roadshow tickets today.

Morning Session
Embracing Technology

Seeking systems and strategies to streamline your operations? Adrian will take you through a technology-centred approach to improving your business processes.

A technology-focused session covering:

  • Hospitality systems and technologies to streamline processes
  • Improving efficiency to increase profitability
  • Looking at the future of your business through an innovative lens
  • Strategies to minimize staff turnover and improve retention
  • Improving POS and menu systems

Afternoon Session
Setting up for Success

Are you looking to grow a successful, cohesive team?

Join Marg in this interactive workshop, that will help you develop your leadership and training skills.

A leadership-focused session covering:

  • Setting up for success – getting the best value from training and coaching
  • The 4 stages of team development – how the role of a leader and coach adapts at each stage
  • Leadership communication and personality styles
  • Retention and motivation strategies
  • Tips and tricks for staff engagement    


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Our Presenters

Marg Main

Turning Tables

Marg Main is the founder of Turning Tables, a hospitality training and coaching business focused on helping business owners nationwide to retain, develop and grow their teams. Marg is an industry professional with over 30 years of experience, in a mixture of roles and venues across the hospitality sector. She remains passionate about utilising her experience to inspire, interest and educate hospitality staff and managers across NZ. Marg is a creative and engaging facilitator, who brings a fabulous sense of humour and fun to her sessions.

Adrian Wills

Trickle & beer Spot

Adrian Wills is the Founder of Trickle, New Zealand’s leading hospitality insights platform. Hospitality and technology go hand in hand for Adrian. He has taken 15 years of experience in the start-up sector, specialising in point of sale, and developed a platform to enable the hospitality sector to make data-driven decisions from aggregated on-premise data. A seasoned hospitality entrepreneur, Adrian is also one of the owners of well-known and loved The Beer Spot, with five locations across Auckland, all pouring New Zealand’s independent beer.

“It’s a real privilege to spend time with the people who create the NZ hospitality experience and I love the stories and interactions which happen in the training sessions. Never boring that is for sure!” – Marg Main

“I’m stoked to have been asked by Restaurant Association to share some of the things I’ve learned in combining hospitality and technology. It’s always great to spend time with the people that are serving up some of NZs finest food and beverages and be able to help them with the tools they need to continue to do what they love doing”

Venue Information


45 Normanby Road, Mount Eden 

Phone: 09-632 1404 

Parking: Street parking available, limited spaces outside the venue on a first come first served basis.  

Counter Culture Board Game Cafe & Bar 

211 Victoria Street, Te Aro, Wellington  

Phone: 04 4891 2345 

Parking: Limited street parking is available, Wilsons Parking lot is nearby. 


Treasury Room  

The George 

50 Park Terrace, Christchurch Central City, Christchurch 8013 

Phone: 03-379 4560 

Parking: Readily available on site. 

The Workshop 

Sherwood Queenstown 

554 Frankton Road, Queenstown 9300 

Phone: 03-450 1090 

Parking: Readily available on site 


What will you get out of the afternoon session?

Marg Main will deliver the afternoon session focused on empowering leaders, to be more comfortable in the leadership space. 

‘Leadership is not about holding on. Leadership is about letting go.’  

We have to let go of preconceptions; let go of what hasn’t worked in the past. As a leader we must learn to trust our people. This has never been more important than in this current environment. It is not easy leading a team of people. I want to give you practical, realistic things that you can go, you know, what if I try this, it could potentially work 

How do YOU set up for success? 

Success can look like a whole lot of different things, to different people and we must acknowledge that this has been an incredibly challenging couple of years. This workshop is a great opportunity to start the year feeling motivated and inspired.  

We’ll be looking at teams.  

Teams today have evolved from the past. Who are our teams? How do we develop them? How can I better understand the different types of people that make up my team?  

We’ll be unpacking our role as a leader. 

Looking at how we can best encourage, develop and support our people. How do we motivate them? Not everybody is motivated by the same things and some of that motivation may well have changed in this new normal that we are operating in. We will run through advice and tools that you can use. 

We’ll be looking at leadership communication styles.  

The first step before we need to communicate is to take a hard look in the mirror. What is my leadership style? How do I adjust that communication to match the different team members? How do we make sure that people feel comfortable? Communication is key, so that is what we will focus on. Given the environment we are operating in now, we must be more supportive and more empathetic, to create teams that are resilient and able to roll with the punches.  

What do I hope you take away from this?  

I hope you come away with tools and tricks to make you feel more empowered in the leadership space. Our small group setting means you can learn not only from the front of the room but through connecting with each other. I don’t think many of us leave school and put our hands up to manage, people often just end up in that role.  I’ve had my business Turning Tables now for about 15 years and met lots of leaders across the board in the industry. It’s really neat when I go into venues and people talk to me about something they’ve tried and had success with, that they learned in one of my workshops. It’s given them that extra boost of confidence. And for me that’s the takeaway, that some of the tools will make it more seamless for you. Of course, you’ll also get to hear a few stories from me, lots of examples, and situations. So hopefully some of those challenges you bring, we can use some real-life examples to work through them. 

What will you get out of the morning session?

In the morning session, Adrian Wills will explore ways technology can be implemented into your business, to benefit yourself, your staff and your customers.  

Technology solutions can help you maintain a competitive advantage by keeping on top of trends and customer demands, especially in the face of Covid. Whether it’s a new POS system, booking software, or inventory management app, integrating technology into your operations can streamline efficiency and improve the customer dining experience. 

Adrian will draw from his experiences as a hospitality business owner and tech start-up background, to help you gain a better understanding of what technologies may work best in your business.   

Technology gets you in front of your customers.  

I’ve found in the past that a lot of people in hospitality shy away from using technology. They feel it can take away from the customer experience, but I found it to be quite the opposite. We’ve had a lot of success using technology to make things easier and faster, which ultimately gets you more time in front of customers. Our staff at The Beer Spot can be out front delivering a great sales pitch on independent NZ beers, rather than sitting out back-office slugging away on the computer. 

Bring tech to the table.  

I come from a start-up background, so I’ve taken a lot of what I learnt and applied it to the hospitality businesses I’m involved with. From one business owner to another, I find that a lot of these technologies are so important to implement in your business and are important to learn for owners and managers too. It frees you up to get out of the business, get out of the way at the right times. Processes that allow you the freedom to be involved and have visibility when you need to. 

Innovate to future proof.  

We’ll be casting forwards to look at the future of your business, through an innovative lens. I think the biggest takeaway that people can have will just be that you will see some different approaches to run in the hospital business than usual, things that they might not have considered before. 

Get face-to-face insight.  

I’m super excited to just get out and talk to venue owners around the country, something I’ve not had the chance to do lately. This is going to be a great opportunity for networking and for a great discussion about technology and how it can help your business. I can’t wait to get out around the country, chat face-to-face and hopefully have a beer with you.  

Let’s chat about your goals, and how technology might help you fulfil them. 


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