Casual employment agreement template

Casual employment agreement template

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With the assistance of our legal partners, Hesketh Henry, the Restaurant Association has developed employment agreement templates which are tailored to the hospitality industry.

From time to time employers will utilise the services of casual / on call employees and the casual employment agreement for wage earners has been developed for this purpose. The agreement was updated in April 2016 to reflect change to employment standards and health and safety legislation that came into force in 2016.

Casual employees are generally employed on an on call basis with no expectation of ongoing employment from either party. They do not normally have set hours and are usually employed on an “as required” basis.

If an employer was to have this template drafted independently they could expect to pay in excess of $5,000, however the casual employment agreement is available free of charge for the exclusive use of current Restaurant Association members.

In addition the following documents are also available:

If you have any questions or problems, particularly around the definition of casual employment, we advise you to first seek guidance from our employment team on 0800 737 827.