Venue Safety & Security snapshot survey

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This poll was conducted over July / August 2023.

Escalating crime and aggressive behaviour affecting hospitality venues is being reported more frequently than ever before. These issues, combined with an increase in anti-social behaviour in our city centres, is leaving many operators (and their teams) feeling unsafe. This survey gathered insights to help to fully understand the scope of the problem. The Association have also created a safety & security portal online, which can be accessed here: www.restaurantnz.co.nz/safety-security/.

Key findings:

  • 33% say their business has been the victim of crime in the last 6 months
  • 13% say someone on their staff has been the victim of crime whilst travelling to or from work in the last 6 months
  • 62% say that they have noticed an increase in crime in the area of their business in the last 6 months
  • 60% say they would like to see great police presence to address there concerns


“A stronger police presence in the city would be desirable, especially in the alleyways and corners of the city that are not frequented by people.”

“Having been in our location for 18 years the level of crime and aggressive behaviour is the worst by a long way than it has ever been.”

“We pay for night security. We also have weekly anti-social forms our staff fill in & report these to Police. We are already on a security steering group. We have enhanced our night lights when we are closed. We are investing a lot of time ensuring staff & customers are safe & following up with the reporting to the police. The Police seem just as frustrated with lack of ‘on the street ‘resource. Our staff are frustrated ringing the Police to help & not getting any response.”

Download the Crime & Security snapshot survey


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