Waste not, Want not – Sustainable Practise – webinar

Waste not, Want not – Sustainable Practise – webinar

$40.25 members

$74.75 non-members

Restaurant Association professional development programme webinar

Presented by Gretta Carney & Abi Featherstone, Hapi Ora Ltd

Sustainability achievements are skyrocketing to top priority for many of our customers and potential employees. As business owners we need to be able to demonstrate that we are running a clean and ecologically sustainable service. Gretta and Abi are successfully implementing extensive sustainability initiatives at Hapī Clean Kai Co-op, a thriving takeaway bar that was voted Best Cafe in Hawkes Bay at the Restaurant Association 2018 Awards.

The main points that were be covered:

  • Plastic Free/Zero Waste Kitchens – getting started today
  • The how-to of evolving healthy non-toxic workplaces
  • Growing closed loop food systems in your business

Sustainability initiatives create efficiency and grow value in your business. Participants will leave with a list of contacts and things they can action immediately as well as a clear set of ideas to implement over the longer term.

Business owner/operator Gretta draws on 20 year professional experience in the organic sector. Abi is a professional chef of over 15 years whose workplaces include Kauri Cliffs, The Farm at Cape Kidnappers, Mister D & Picnic.

Webinar Duration: 2 hrs

Original Recording Date: 15 April 2019