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Restaurant Association professional development programme

Whether you are the restaurant owner, manager or team leader, you will have a wealth of knowledge and skills to be passed onto others.

Training within hospitality business is important to overall success and plays an important role in increasing the productivity and enthusiasm of your colleagues and employees.

This workshop is designed to help those who are involved in on the job training develop their skills to ensure the training they provide is fun, flexible and effective!!

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • The Value and Benefits of Training to the Trainee, Trainer, Customer and the Business
  • What are the traits and skills of a great trainer?
  • The four stages of learning and the role of the trainer at each stage
  • Understanding Learning styles – one size does not fit all
  • Training tools to takeaway
  • Questions and Feedback



Please note – while we look at updating our systems the pricing structure may be a little confusing. For our premium members this webinar is available to you at no cost. For our other membership tiers this webinar is $55.20.

Webinar Duration: 2 hours

Original Recording Date: 27 July 2020


free! members

$74.75 non-members