Managing sick leave and medical incapacity – webinar

Managing sick leave and medical incapacity – webinar

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Restaurant Association professional development programme webinar

Presented by Alison Maelzer, Hesketh Henry

Managing sick or injured employees can be a real challenge.

Join us in this two-hour webinar where we will focus on medical issues that may arise in employment and how to deal with them appropriately and effectively.

Topics covered include:

Sick leave – when, how, who, what proof?
Repeated absences – what can you do?
Medical incapacity – when can you say that enough is enough?
Mental health issues – what are an employer’s responsibilities?
Sickies’ – what can you do when employees aren’t really sick?
This course is designed for hospitality business owners and managers

Webinar Duration: 2 hrs

Original Recording Date: 21 August 2018