Levelling up service- Honing your observation skills

Levelling up service- Honing your observation skills

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Restaurant Association professional development programme webinar

Presented by Krishna Botica

Learn how to turn on your radar to make the customer experience a wow experience.

Krishna will be covering the following topics and more!

  • Finding and acting on non verbal table observation cues
  • The importance of non verbal body language cues
  • Practice links and exercises

Krishna Botica is one of the most highly respected professionals in New Zealand hospitality. She has been associated with some of the most loved and successful restaurants in Auckland and has won numerous hospitality accolades. But this is how she describes herself:

“ 60 staff, 3 businesses, 1 six year old, 2 dogs. Base line for measuring my own service levels at the end of the night… if my cheeks don’t hurt then I haven’t tried hard enough.”

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear from one of the industry’s finest.

Webinar Duration: 50 minutes

Original Recording Date: 14 April 2020