Health and safety for hospitality business – webinar

Health and safety for hospitality business – webinar

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$74.75 non-members

Restaurant Association professional development programme webinar

Presented by Gary Crook, Start Safe Consultants

New Health & Safety legislation and recent events in New Zealand have highlighted the need for businesses to do more and to provide training, knowledge and protection of their people.

What specifically do businesses in the hospitality sector have to do in relation to the new Act and Regulations and what does the sector need to look out for in terms of being legal and compliant?

If something goes wrong, what do you do?

Join us for this webinar which will allow you to drill down to real world scenarios that you may encounter in your day to day business.

A former New Zealand Police Detective, Gary has been working in the Law Enforcement, Safety and Security Industry since 1989. As a Private Investigator and Security Consultant he took his business overseas providing armed safety and security services in the Middle East, Asia, and African region. Gary has delivered this session to hundreds of workers from over 35 Local and Regional Councils across New Zealand, and many other Government Departments, Medical, Sports, Hospitality and private businesses that deal with customers face to face.

Webinar Duration: 2 hrs

Original Recording Date: 24 July 2017