Emerging managers – webinar

Emerging managers – webinar

$40.25 members

$74.75 non-members

Restaurant Association professional development programme webinar

presented by Krishna Botica – Cafe Hanoi, XuXu, Saan

Krishna is back with her popular and interactive workshop for first-time and emerging managers. This workshop is designed to help emerging managers develop and fine-tune their leadership skills. As a new manager, certain challenges can arise, therefore Krishna will share her techniques for navigating through this transition.
This workshop is designed with both FOH and BOH in mind to develop hospitality managers and increase knowledge.

Topics covered include:

• Conflict management and resolution
• Coping with new pressures
• Tips for motivating your team

This workshop will lead your managers to success, as Krishna’s wealth of experience is at the forefront of this session.

Webinar Duration: 2 hr

Original Recording Date: 08 October 2018