Demystifying trial periods and agreements – webinar

Demystifying trial periods and agreements – webinar

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$74.75 non-members

Restaurant Association professional development programme webinar

presented by Jodi Sharman, Hesketh Henry

Getting your head around the different types of employment agreements, and ensuring your employees are on the correct one, can be tricky. An employment agreement is a legal must-have and a well drafted one can protect your business, provide flexibility and avoid misunderstandings – if you know how to use it! In this one hour practical webinar, Jodi Sharman of Hesketh Henry will be answering all of your questions about employment agreements and will the explain key terms, the purpose of them and how to apply and use them correctly. Jodi will also focus on the trial period clause, and clarify the legal ins and outs surrounding it.

Webinar Duration: 1 hr

Original Recording Date: 3 April 2017