Business Strategies to Overcome Wage Increases – webinar

Business Strategies to Overcome Wage Increases – webinar

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$74.75 non-members

Restaurant Association professional development programme webinar

Presented by Serena Irving, JDW Chartered Accountants

This 90-minute Workshop focused on choosing business strategies and budgeting to overcome rising staff costs brought about by rising minimum wage levels.

There are 4 main areas that are covered in this recording:

  • The effect of minimum wage increases on labour and food costs
  • How values, purpose and uniqueness drive business strategy
  • Alternative business strategies: pros and cons
  • Putting your strategy into numbers: forecasting and cashflow budgeting

This Workshop was presented by Serena Irving, Chartered Accountant, Accredited Business Mentor with Business Mentors New Zealand, Distinguished Toastmaster and Associate Member of Restaurant Association of New Zealand. Serena is a regular contributor to Savour magazine. JDW Chartered Accountants Limited are based in Ellerslie, Auckland and have partnered with clients, including hospitality clients, for 60 years.


Webinar Duration: 2 hrs

Original Recording Date: 25 February 2019