Best people, more sales, thriving culture – webinar

Best people, more sales, thriving culture – webinar

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Restaurant Association professional development programme webinar

Presented by James and Alexis O’Connell, The Hospitality Company

Your people are more important than your food, your interior design – even your customers. Your workplace relationships are more important to business success and career advancement than you realise, but these critical relationships require deliberate planning. Without excellent communication between manager and employer there can be no productive team work.

This fast moving and intense two-hour workshop is divided into three parts to create the right foundations to be put in place for the long-term health of a business:
• How to create and maintain strong working relationships
EVEN over the summer
• Selling is not a personality; it’s a system
• How to make sales reports a key driver to improve
performance and culture.

Webinar Duration: 2 hrs

Original Recording Date: 21 November 2016