RA ComplyHub

Regardless of where you’re located, common laws apply to your business.  RA ComplyHub has been made for business owners and managers to understand and stay on top of their legal obligations.

  • RA ComplyHub has core compliance information and guidance for our members in one central place.
  • 100% confidential, RA ComplyHub crosschecks the business profile you generate against your legal obligations.
  • You get factual legal and regulatory information in plain English, next steps, tools, guides and resources.
  • RA ComplyHub helps you to see the areas you are doing well in as well as those that need your attention. It is your safeguard against preventable fines and damage to your business that could be avoidable.

RA ComplyHub offers practical guidance covering 6 core topics:

  • Tax
  • Products & Services
  • Employment
  • Companies
  • Marketing
  • Health & Safety and more

RA ComplyHub is a subscription-based service, charged annually.

Restaurant Association members get 40% discount off the normal subscription price (RRP $400+GST). RA exclusive member pricing is $240+GST per year!

*This service is complimentary for Restaurant Association’s Premier members. Contact the Restaurant Association to find out more and to upgrade to Premier membership.

Members can simply login online to their RA membership account to obtain the RA ComplyHub member discount code when signing up to receive the exclusive RA member pricing.

When you complete the business questions, you will unlock ComplyHub’s free Health & Safety section to trial first.

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