Your partner in creating a food safety culture:

Restaurant Association and iMonitor are delighted to announce a new partnership to provide all Restaurant Association members access to state of the art food safety and compliance tools at attractive discounts. Our online tools enable ongoing compliance with food safety regulations for your business.

The product(s) offered by iMonitor are:

  • Food Safety Plan (FSP) – is an online tool that:
    • Is easy to create and use on any device
    • Secure cloud-based storage for your records
    • Easy compliance for your business
    • Frees-up your time and saves money
  • Temperature Monitoring – is a wireless technology that ensures:
    • Automated temperature recording – reducing the need for manual reading
    • Proactive alerts, reduce product losses
    • Real-time site health status
    • Fully integrated to your food safety plan

Unique offering giving you peace of mind. 

*For a full demo of the iMonitor system, click here.

SPECIAL OFFER for Restaurant Association members

Members get first month FREE, with an ongoing 5% off the monthly subscription rate.
Get started today with 50% discount off the set-up fee for just $100.00.