If you know your Martini from your Manhattan a career in hospitality might be for you. If you don’t, we can teach you!

Hospitality offers so much more than just a job. It’s a career that can be constantly evolving, rewarding and most importantly FUN!

If you are interested then we’ve got all the tips and information you need to get you started

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Yelen, Front of House: OGB, Christchurch

As a kid I always liked to have friends or family at home, and we would share a lunch or dinner all together. Good food and conviviality has always been a part of my life. 

As I grew up I always enjoyed the idea of working with food, drink and people. I love meeting people, sharing a small part of their life and creating unique moments. In the beginning my goal was to be a chef, but after working front of house I have since found my passion in wine and hope to one day work in viticulture.

What do you love about working in hospitality?

What I have learnt about hospitality, and that I love is that it allows you to be flexible and that there are so many paths to take.

<strong>Will </strong>
Chef Will Mordido

One of the things I love about hospo is the people you meet and the networks you build. The people you get to know well really get to open doors down the track but more importantly become life-long friends.

Tell us about your best day at work?

“Hard to pin it down to one day, but you know that feeling of just having an all-round good day, when everything is just right, all your prep is done on time (or time to spare), all your orders arrived and nothings missing, no one’s called in sick, everyone is on the same vibe, the rush of service and nothing goes wrong, and all your customers are happy. It’s a feeling only people in hospitality can understand.”

What did you want to be when you were a kid?
I always wondered what life would be like if I were in the building and construction industries or something economics related (totally different right?!). I am happy I carried on my chef career path that has quite literally taken me around the world, helped me build friendships, a network and knowledge I will always be grateful for. Although I’m not working in the kitchen full time now, being in hospitality lead to my current job and starting my pop up restaurant business which continues to bring in opportunities, its amazing where it can take you there are so many options

Chef Chelsea: Thyme Square Restaurant, Hamilton

“Watch and learn”, these words of wisdom once spoken by my mother as I inquisitively peeked into the kitchen have stayed with me over the years. Growing up, I was always very intrigued by the myriad flavours in the colourful world of food. But it wasn’t just the flavours that drew me in, it was the whole experience- the different methods, the stories behind a simple recipe.

Working as a flight attendant for 5 years has given me the opportunity to travel and savour cuisines from all over the world. Every time I visited a new place, I would step out and sample as much as I could, from street food to amazing restaurants. I would often bring back signature ingredients from the places I visited so that I could try and recreate what I ate there. This eventually became a habit, and was instrumental in my culinary journey. I realised that I wanted cooking to not be just a “hobby” anymore. I wanted to pursue it full time.

My goal is to open my own restaurant and curate a menu that would tell a story of my experiences, with dishes and ingredients that I fell in love from each country and province I have visited.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of considering hospo for a career?

Be ready to face the hardships, but stand strong and you’ll go a long way. NZ has amazing chefs that are willing to share and teach – the industry needs you more than ever.

<strong>Hospo profiles</strong>

Learn about a life in hospo from those already living a #Hospolife. They share their experience, thoughts and stories about their love for the industry.

How to get a #HospoLife

  • If you have no experience that’s ok! – the industry is always looking for keen people to train
  • Try the industry out – part-time work is a great way to get a feel for the industry.
  • Polish up your CV, you can find a template below in the job hub.
  • Check out some of the places looking for workers on our hospitality jobs Facebook groups
  • Approach a venue you like the look of and ask if they are looking for staff
  • Start studying a qualification in hospitality
  • Look for and apply for an apprenticeship
  • Look for Hospostart courses in your area
  • Approach ‘Work and Income’ about jobs in hospitality
  • Speak to someone you know that already works in hospo, inside knowledge is great.
  • Apply for job on GoWithTourisim.co.nz

Pro tips for working in hospo

Front of house

Invest in good shoes it makes all the difference

Have a spare shirt esp if you work in the bar

Have fun this is an industry where we can be ourselves

Listen not just to your customers but your colleagues, just because you’ve done it one way doesn’t mean there isn’t another way to do things

Tasteget to know the menu, you will get asked

Ask questions


Be happy to do anything, teamwork makes the dream work

Ask questions

Be ready for the practical jokes!, there is no:

  • left-handed ice cream scoops
  • special air in the chiller room

Invest in good shoes it makes all the difference

Make sure you bring your sense of humour

Taste everything you make, and everything else too

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