food hui 2021

food hui 2021

The most important food conversation in New Zealand. Two days of ideas, tools and stories from the best business and hospitality leaders guaranteed to educate and inspire!

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9:30am-4pm, 27th September 2021
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Presented by
Restaurant Association of New Zealand & Eat New Zealand

Food Hui is an annual 2-day gathering presented by the Restaurant Association of New Zealand and Eat New Zealand to consider some of the most important questions, challenges and opportunities in New Zealand food and hospitality at the moment.

Food Hui 2020 was held in October 2020, check back for future updates on Food Hui and confirmation of date.

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We’re a small country with a big voice, and when we speak, more often than not, the world listens. So, we gather up some of the best local and international speakers who bring with them tools, stories, and ideas to educate and inspire!

Here’s a snapshot of Food Hui 2020, to give you an idea of the topics and discussions:

  • The new future of restaurants – a global perspective
  • Business contingency – planning for another World Event
  • The Future of Dining – staying relevant in a competitive & changing environment
  • The Covid Pivot
  • Plant Based – has the Pandemic Affected your Diet
  • Preparing for the Future – how to stop starting and start finishing
  • Sustainability in Hospitality – are customers living consciously and choosing who to support based on the business ethos
  • Bringing our heritage to the world stage
  • Establishing where technology works best in your customers journey
  • AgResearch: Research and Dining – taking science beyond the pass