food hui 2021

food hui 2021

The most important food conversation in New Zealand. Two days of ideas, tools and stories from the best business and hospitality leaders guaranteed to educate and inspire!

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9:30am-4pm, 1st - 2nd November 2021
Christchurch Town Hall
Presented by
Restaurant Association of New Zealand & Eat New Zealand

Food Hui is an annual 2-day gathering presented by the Restaurant Association of New Zealand and Eat New Zealand to consider some of the most important questions, challenges and opportunities in New Zealand food and hospitality at the moment.

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Our vision for food hui 2021 is…WITHIN

An opportunity to look inwards.

To embrace, celebrate and champion who and what we are as a food nation, while striving to lead a new way forward.

A chance to celebrate what we have here, within ourselves. To seek guidance from our own leaders, thinkers and innovators. To encourage each other and to look for support on our own shores.

We will draw on global experiences as lessons to help focus on our own narrative. To take pride in our industry, in our food, our people, our stories, our heritage and our land. To strengthen what we have already built and to come together to look within, as we look ahead to pave a more resilient food future for Aotearoa.