Chef’s Table with Dariush Lolaiy

Chef’s Table with Dariush Lolaiy

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2pm-2:30pm, 10th November 2020
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Dariush Lolaiy

Follow along our new chef’s table series and learn everything there is to know about your favourite New Zealand Chefs. Hear all about how they got to where they are now, what they love about being a chef, challenges they have faced and where they see the industry going in the future

This episode is presented by Dariush Lolaiy of Cazador.

Dariush Lolaiy is a multi-award winning chef and cookbook author, hunter and Co-Owner at Cazador. Dariush’s speciality is serving New Zealand Venison, wild game meats and fresh, local produce with an emphasis on ethically sourced ingredients and minimal waste.

At Cazador, classic cooking techniques and minimal technology are used to create carefully considered, sophisticated dishes using local, quality ingredients.