Breaks and new employment laws – an employer update

Breaks and new employment laws – an employer update

Following our call-demand this workshop has been designed to answer all your immediate questions based on changes made on Meal Breaks and Probation Periods.

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10am-12pm, 24th June 2019
Taste, 45 Normanby Road, Mt Eden, Auckland
Presented by
Restaurant Association of New Zealand's Helpline Team

The Restaurant Association of New Zealand’s Helpline team will be presenting a seminar on how the recent employment law changes have impacted our industry.

As the people at the forefront of your employment queries, they are the subject matter experts and will be providing guidance and advice on applying the changes in the most practical way for businesses in our industry.

In particular, they will be covering:

  • Rest and Meal Breaks
  • Trial Periods vs Probationary Periods

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