Consumer guide to HospoCred

Have you come across a business promoting their HospoCred accreditation and wondering what it means?

The Restaurant Association accreditation programme, HospoCred, was developed in 2022 to create a platform for recognising standards within the hospitality industry. Businesses that achieve HospoCred-itation have displayed a commitment to best practice, increasing their impact and ultimately committed to ongoing development of themselves, their business and their team.

HospoCred accreditation creates a clearer picture for consumers, for Government, for other businesses, for employees and prospective employees about what it means to be a responsible and transparent hospitality business.

Can anyone get accredited through HospoCred?

This is an accreditation that recognises high standards within the hospitality industry, so not every business will be able to achieve this. However, over time and with support we hope to help more and more businesses meet this measure.

A business that has HospoCred accreditation will have undergone an application process and been assessed to meet high standards in 5 different areas:

  • Employment
  • Workforce Development
  • Policy / Business
  • Financial Management
  • Training / Professional Development

In addition, as part of the HospoCred application process we’ll have completed interviews with the owner of the business and some of their employees to further assess the business and there are also further requirements put in place around maintaining the accreditation.

Once a business is accredited, they’ll hold that accreditation for two years and if at any time it’s been identified that a business’s HospoCred accreditation needs review, we’ll work with the business and help implement any changes, if needed.

How does it benefit you?

Whether you are dining out at a business that is HospoCred-ited, doing business with them, or applying for a job at their establishment, you have some assurances that they take their obligations as an employer and their place in our industry very seriously.

There is a high level of commitment that comes with achieving and maintaining HospoCred accreditation, so that should give you peace of mind. It’s definitely worth taking a second look at those businesses that have achieved the HospoCred standard.

How can I find out more?

Firstly, why not have a chat to the business owner themselves – they’ll likely be keen to share their story and journey to HospoCred-itation with anyone interested in finding out more. We also recommend that you check out the business’s website and social platforms for more information they may have shared about their HospoCred achievement.

While we can’t discuss specific details about any individual HospoCred business, at the Restaurant Association we are happy to share more information about the platform – e: or p: 09 638 8403. If you have questions, or concerns please get in contact.