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The International Tourism Market Is Changing

17th September, 2014

As tourism plays an integral part in the hospitality industry’s success, it is pleasing to note that international visitor arrivals hit a record high last year, with 2.7 million visitors spending time in the country. This is up almost 8 per cent over the year prior.

Cafe and Restaurant Sales Surge in 2014

17th June, 2014

New Zealand'™s hospitality sector experienced encouraging growth as rebounding consumer and business confidence played a major part in the significant increase of the sector'™s annual growth rate over the previous year.

Top consumer trends to consider in your business strategy

1 February, 2014

As they say, the first step towards realising your goals is first to set them and many business owners ready themselves for this task at the beginning of the year as they review the year past, take stock of all they have accomplished and set out their strategies for the coming 12 months.

Healthy Kids Meals An Emerging Trend

November 2013

The latest American Express dining survey examining the nation’s dining habits shows strong support for restaurant and cafés to focus on the nutritional value of children’s meals.

Wage Rate Increases Promising

September 2013

While remuneration rates are still being kept in check, average increases over the past year are an encouraging sign of improved business performance in the hospitality industry. The Restaurant Association’s 2013 Remuneration Survey indicates that there has been a marked improvement over the year previous.

Report Underlines Hospitality's Contributions To NZ's Economy

August 2013

Our third annual Hospitality Report, the definitive guide to the performance of New Zealand’s hospitality industry was released recently and highlights the significant role that hospitality plays in New Zealand’s economy.

What Are The Industry's Top Challenges?

March 2013

The incredible summer New Zealand has experienced this year seems to have provided some much needed rise in trade for many regions and anecdotally the mood of the industry seems much improved from 2012. National sales grew 6.7% from 2011-2012, hopefully indicating a swing to more profitable times.

Hospitality Operators Feeling Positive For Year Ahead

March 2013

With the world still affected by the global financial crisis, global economic activity is expected to remain subdued over the coming year. However there have been some encouraging signs on a local level, with industry sales in 2012 reaching $6.9 billion and overall the industry’s outlook is optimistic.

International trends help to set strategies for 2013

February 2013

2013 is upon us and with a new year comes a time of planning for the coming year. So what are some of the key trends internationally that may help you to strategise your business’ growth in 2013?

Good News Travels Fast - Bad News Travels Faster

September 2012

Kiwis rate negative dining experiences on social media within hours.

Hospitality Businesses Look For Points Of Diversity

July 2012

Our 2012 Hospitality Report shows the restaurant sector is facing a flat period with little growth in revenue, outlets and employment numbers. The quivering global economy and Christchurchs earthquakes have had an effect in the past year and if they weren't enough, consumers are spending less on dining out. As a result some are focusing on their points of difference to gain competitive advantage.

Wage Increases On Hold

June 2012

Wages rates appear to be under tight control until business conditions improve for many hospitality operators. The Restaurant Associations 2012 Hospitality Industry Remuneration Survey indicates that wage rates for the industry increased by just 1c over the past year overall, a reflection of the increasingly difficult trading conditions that hospitality operators are experiencing. The average salary increased by 2% from 2011 to 2012.

Top Trends in 2012 - Children's Nutrition, Local Sourcing & Smartphone Apps

March 2012

The National Restaurant Associations Whats Hot in 2012 survey of nearly 1,800 professional chefs members of the American Culinary Federation (ACF) reveals that childrens nutrition and local sourcing will be the hottest trends on restaurant menus this coming year. The chefs also identified smartphone apps and tablet computers as the top technology trends. In addition, 6 out of 10 chefs said they would consider a food truck as an entrepreneurial business venture.

12 Consumer Trends Affecting Food / Beverages

February 2012

Here are 12 consumer trends that food/beverage makers should be attuned to in 2012, according to Washington based research and consulting firm The Hartman Group. BY KARLENE LUKOVITZ

Hospitality Operators Look Forward To Return To Normality

February 2012

A recent survey of Restaurant Association members, which identified the hospitality industry's top challenges now and in the future, reiterated what a demanding year that hospitality experienced last year.

Value Driven Diners Stretch Dollars

November 2011

A new survey shows that Kiwi diners are increasingly looking for ways to stretch their dining dollar in the current economic climate. According to the most recent nationwide American Express Selects Dining survey* dining frequency has slipped slightly in the past six months, as diners who have previously eaten out two to three times a week curb their habits.

Hospitality Businesses Utilising Staff More Efficiently In Tough Times

September 2011

The past few years have seen some difficult trading times for many businesses and many have undergone some retrenchment and economisation by not replacing employees as they have departed. This offers an opportunity to reflect in times of economic prosperity (or otherwise) how efficiently staff are being utilised and it appears that as a result of this focus businesses are operating leaner and more efficiently.

Wages Remain Stable Despite Tough Conditions

August 2011

The Restaurant Associations 2011 Hospitality Industry Remuneration Survey has established that hospitality industry wage and salary rates have remained steady in the face of continuing difficult economic conditions.

Local & Hyper-Local Sourcing Key Trend in 2011

June 2011

The National Restaurant Association in the U.S (our sister organisation) have revealed in their "What's Hot in 2011" survey of more than 1,500 professional chefs (members of the American Culinary Federation) that local and hyper-local sourcing, is the hottest trend on restaurant menus in 2011. Instead of just sourcing from nearby farms, chefs are sourcing ingredients from gardens right next to their restaurants.

Word of Mouth Still Most Powerful Promotional Tool

June 2011

In tight economic conditions are marketing initiatives affected? A recent survey by the Restaurant Association sought to establish whether businesses planned to increase (or decrease) their marketing spend over the coming 12 months, how much they intend to spend and where they intend to use that marketing spend.

Inside the mind of the kiwi diner

November 2010

It's been a tough couple of years for the hospitality sector, with a downward trend in New Zealanders willingness to spend in response to the recession. In the face of all the belt-tightening, it is encouraging to know that for a large percentage of the population dining out remains an essential part of the Kiwi lifestyle, whatever the economic conditions. Even the recent rise in GST to 15% is expected to have little additional impact.

Emerging Trends & A Snapshot Of The Industry...

September 2008

We have just released our latest foodservice industry statisticsthe 2008 Foodservice Factswhich offers a fascinating insight into the industry and statistical trends. Every year we commission Statistics New Zealand to provide us with data that they collect via a number of surveys of businesses to provide a snapshot of our industry as it is now.

Births and Deaths... of businesses

September 2008

A search around the Statistics New Zealand website provides all sorts of interesting data lurking in the datasets and one we came across recently was the births and deaths of businesses by industry, which is in the dataset called New Zealand Business Demography Statistics (Dynamics). Although they include accommodation in with cafes and restaurants, it still gives a good picture of the way in which our industry has grown over the past few years.

Industry Remuneration Statistics Now Available

July 2008

The latest Restaurant Association Remuneration Survey was conducted nationwide in April 2008 and the results cover 9,846 staff employed in 434 hospitality businesses. Of the 9,846 total staff surveyed in this Survey, 6139 were part-time employees and 3717 full-time.

An Insight Into Your Industry - Latest Foodservice Facts Released

October 2007

We have just released our latest foodservice industry statistics the 2007 Foodservice Facts which offers a fascinating insight into the industry and statistical trends.

Big Swing Away From Home Cooking

February 2007

New Zealanders love of burgers, chips and especially pizza grows and grows, matching their waistlines.