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Consumers are choosing to use technology more... but service is still key

1st November, 2014

International research recently released by the National Restaurant Association in the United States shows that technology use in hospitality businesses is on the increase over there, and we can expect that this is a development reflected locally as well.

Nervous About Those Group Bookings?

November 2013

At this time of year operators are inundated with group bookings as people celebrate the end of year with their work colleagues, friends and family. While these group bookings are undoubtedly welcome, they don’t always go according to plan do they?

Trending Now - Technology

September 2013

Looking for the edge in surprising and delighting your customers? While the clever use of readily available technology will never trump good old fashioned hospitality, you can help your people to work smarter, stay connected and engage with customers better than ever before. Here’s six top technology suggestions that can give your establishment a real boost.

How To Address Your Labour Cost Concerns

March 2013

Labour cost is still your number one concern. When these costs begin to climb, as they seem to have in general over the past few years, anxiety levels rise as well. And while wage costs are quite fixed in some cases up to a certain level of turnover (as there is a base level required particularly when you’re running a kitchen), here are some ideas on controlling your labour costs.

Keeping Food Costs Under Control

March 2013

Food costs continue to rate as one of the hospitality industry’s biggest challenges. These costs can play a major role in a business’s success or failure, and with margins in the industry notoriously slim, if you can control some of your food costs you’ll assist your business’s profitability.

Who Can Enter A Business On Business?

February 2013

We understand that representatives from the IRD are presently visiting hospitality businesses on unexpected visits. It prompts the question, who can come into your workplace, what are they entitled to do and do they need your consent?

New Year Goals For Small Business

February 2013

With each new year comes a new set of goals. As humans, we’re constantly aspiring to improve ourselves, whether it’s wanting to lose weight, exercise more, get organized, spend less money, etc. In light of this yearly tradition of creating lists, here are five attainable new year business goals for the small business owner.

Surcharging - it's a matter of choice

In the midst of holiday season, the debate about public holiday surcharging by restaurants and cafes is one that continues to polarise customers and the industry alike.

Terminal Tampering

April 2012

In this article we provide here some fraud protection guidelines for your EFTPOS terminal, prepared by Paymark.

Restaurants Targetted By Hackers... how secure is your POS

March 2012

2012 is already being called the Year of the Hacker. Many tens of thousands of computers/networks including restaurant, hotel, and retail POS systems - are increasingly being invaded and raided of their confidential data daily. High-tech criminal hackers are constantly scouring the Net for vulnerabilities that allow the theft of customers payment card details, either at the POS or in-transit to the payment processor.

10 Top Tips For Hospitality Operators

March 2012

A successful hospitality career is years in the making, requiring triumphs and failures along the way. But have you ever thought I wish someone had told me that when I was starting out? We ask Grant Bailey, owner of Fettuccine Brothers restaurant in Gisborne for his top tips for new hospitality operators.

Protection & Prevention Key Focus To Protect Premises From Security Threats

February 2012

The Restaurant Association has heard that a number of our Auckland members premises have recently been the targets of burglary. In some incidences the owners have been faced with significant stock losses. The prevalence of thefts does increase at this time of year, so in mind of this wed like to encourage all members to review your security protocols.

Managing Your Tax Payments

November 2011

Is your business experiencing cash flow difficulties at the moment? There have certainly being some challenging trading conditions over the past year for many hospitality businesses, so what can you do if you are having trouble meeting your tax bill?

Who Might Be Stealing From You?

September 2011

It might be the cafe cashier who, whenever alone at the till, simply doesn't ring up round-dollar cash sales but pockets the money instead. Or the restaurant waiter who slips out the back door on his smoko breaks and stashes several bottles of expensive wine in his car a few nights each week.

When Your Worker Begins Working For Your Competition

March 2011

The Restaurant Association HELP DESK recently received a call from a member who had a part-time employee who had also begun to work part-time for a competitor. Our member was unhappy with the situation and wondered what options were available.

Cautious Optimism That Economy Will Recover

July 2008

Westpac produce a quarterly economic overview of the New Zealand economy which outlines the economic outlook, trends, international development and economic forecasts...

We Think You'll Like This Win Win Deal

January 2009

This exclusive deal is designed for Restaurant Association members who process their credit card transactions with Westpac - around 1000 of you - and who lease a new Verifone Vx510 EFTPOS terminal.

For every new VeriFone Vx510 EFTPOS terminal you lease from Westpac, well put a $300 + GST credit into your Restaurant Association membership account. You can use this credit to pay for Restaurant Association member services like meetings or products or even put it towards your next years membership subscription.

Budget 2010 Unveiled by Government

June 2010

The National Government unveiled its second Budget on Thursday 20th May, with the biggest tax reform in 25 years and a focus on growing the economy in a sustainable fashion. Six key areas were identified as opportunities to lift growth. These are investment in productive infrastructure; removing red tape and improving regulation; supporting business innovation and trade; lifting skills; lifting productivity and improving services in the public sector; and strengthening the tax system.

Build Your Business Brand To Help You Ride Out The Recession

April 2009

There of course has been incessant commentary in the business pages on the state of the economy. However as none of these experts has a crystal ball the outlook for the future is of course unknown. So we must just carry on because as restaurateurs we are still responsible for our business viability, our staff, suppliers and customers as well as our own financial wellbeing.

The Importance Of Pour Cost

November 2008

Pour cost is a key measurement for any On Premise venue. More and more operators are monitoring their business by this measure. Pour Cost simply put is the cost of sales expressed as a percentage that you are achieving and the inversion of GP. Say you had sales of $10,000 and the value of product that you used was $3400 then your Pour Cost achieved would be 34%.

Damage On Your Property - Whose responsibility?

September 2008

General obligations in respect of damage to property (besides damage caused by criminal acts) are governed by the tort of negligence. A person (or a company) is liable where he or she owes a duty of care to a third party, he or she breaches that duty of care and someone suffers loss that was foreseeable.

Overseas Visitors Spending More

November 2007

International visitors to New Zealand spent a total of NZ$6.4 billon in 2006 with more than one third of that being paid for on Visa cards, according to Visa Internationals 2006 tourism report.

Dynamic New EFTPOS Solutions for Overseas Tourists

November 2007

New Zealand retailers, especially those dealing with overseas visitors, now have another option for currency conversion at point of sale, which will benefit both customers and retailers.

"Wave and Pay"

February 2007

VISA in the UK and USA are about to launch a new system that uses a contact-less process for purchases up to NZ $50.00. Just wave the card in front of a designated spot. Initially the devices will be installed in Fast Food outlets, coffee shops and bars.