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Older diners overtake young at restaurants

1 February, 2014

Johanna Karas took a look at her budget and decided that between the hassle of shopping for groceries and cooking for one, she might as well eat out. So whether she's dining solo or with friends, the 74-year-old widow does just that, taking meals at local restaurants three or four times a week. BY BRITT KENNERLY

What Happens If?

March 2013

The Association often fields calls from the public seeking advice about something that has occurred while they have been dining out. To assist you when you are formulating your own responses, we share some of those most frequently asked.

Restaurant Do's & Don'ts

November 2012

Do make the customer feel special, Do know the menu, Anticipate, anticipate, anticipate...

No Shortage Of Managers In NZ... apparently

November 2012

The plan to remove Cafe, Bar and Restaurant Managers from Immigration New Zealands essential skills in demand list is a move that will hurt the hospitality sector.

Intellectual Property - who owns the recipes?

March 2012

This is a common and often contentious question: who owns the recipes that your business uses? Its a subject with the potential for huge difference of opinion, whereby your chef may consider the recipes they create as their own intellectual property, and you as the owner surely consider that recipes created and used in the business thus become the property of the business.

Request To Cover "Culturally Significant" Tattoo Results In Human Rights Case

August 2011

A hospitality worker has recently taken her former employer to the Human Rights Commission after he requested that she cover up the moko on her forearm at a corporate function last year.

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