Restaurant Association of New Zealand


Sustainability: the future face of hospitality

June 2012

Global warming has given us a wake-up call; Mother Nature is getting ready to strike back after years of uncomplaining abuse. The hospitality industry is well placed to meet the sustainability challenge because without doubt, hospitality is hard on the planet; it is a consumption industry after all. BY LINDSAY NEILL

Hospitality Leads The Way With Recylcling Practices

September 2011

International research has shown that two out of every five consumers now base their choice of a restaurant on its conservation practices. In time New Zealand consumers may also expect the same commitment to environmental responsibility in the places they dine.

Next Gen Green

March 2011

As sustainable restaurants grow in number, theyre growing in another way. They're raising the bar on what sustainability means. "Weve taken a lot of the low-hanging fruit," says George McKerrow, CEO of the 47-unit Teds Montana Grill in Atlanta. "Its easy to recycle cardboard and paper. Its harder to recycle your organic waste, but were moving more into that."