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Extending Your Social - Instagram 101

1 November, 2014

While Facebook and Twitter are often seen as the starting point when a business is launching new social media promotions, in recent years the photo sharing programme, Instagram, has really taken centre stage. Instagram helps people share their lives, their adventures, and, increasingly, their meals...

6 ways to make your website more effective

1 February, 2014

Once upon a time, hungry customers relied on their '€˜local'€™ to perform every kind of fun-having function. The '€˜local'€™ was where they met after work for a beer or four, where they went on first dates, where they drowned their sorrows when their first dates didn't work out, where they celebrated special occasions. These days, foodies have a lot more choice.

Ways to drive mobile engagement

1 February, 2014

Restaurants today, whether mom-and-pop shops or nationwide franchises, have trouble engaging with consumers past the seated meal.

Social Media OverTakes Print Advertising In Importance

November 2013

A recent report into the food and beverage industry has revealed social media is now considered more important than traditional print advertising.

Now Your Marketing Needs To Get Social

June 2013

Social media is like breathing to your current and future customers - it’s natural, they do it every day and they’re good at it! 50.6 per cent of respondents have used Facebook to visit a restaurant’s fansite. What does this mean? If your restaurant doesn’t have an active and up to date Facebook page, then it might be time to make a change.

Now Is The Time To Prioritise Your Mobile Presence

June 2013

Nowadays, the mobile phone has become something of an extension of the human arm. Smartphone penetration is at an all time high with 60 per cent of Kiwis in possession of one. Research shows that 30.9 per cent have used a smartphone app to find information on a restaurant and 16.5 per cent have used an app to place a takeaway order. These numbers are still relatively low compared to global trends and this is in part due to the lack of New Zealand businesses prioritising their mobile presence.

Want More Customers? Build A Buzz

April 2013

When you are caught in the day-to-day routine of your restaurant, it can be hard to find time to work on searching out new customers. But tempting people through the doors may be easier than you think. By sara reid, go forward marketing

Marketing Your Restaurant - who are you talking to, and what are you telling them?

July 2012

Knowing why people choose to eat with you, is part and parcel of knowing who your target market is. It's pretty impossible to truly measure the results of each piece of marketing you do what works vs what doesn't (see THE thymes March & April 2012). But rather, it's about getting the formula right and building a 'synergy' between all of your different marketing mediums.

Deal With It

April 2012

GrabOne, Yazoom, Treatme, Cudo, GroupOnco.nz. We've all heard of these 24 hour group buying voucher sites in the background to our daily conversations. But what we are not seeing is the money generated overnight into the bank accounts of the companies who are taking the time to launch a promotion on a Daily Deal site.

Marketing Your Business Effectively

March 2012

No matter how much effective marketing you do, remember: You can lead a horse to water, but if you have grumpy crocodiles in the watering hole or the water tastes weird, then that horse will take her thirsty lips somewhere else. BY KAREN GIBSON, MENUMANIA

A Facebook Page For Your Business... should you bother?

March 2012

Word of Mouth is how a business dies, survives or thrives, right? Well, social media platforms such as Facebook are Word-of-Mouth with a megaphone. Traditional, mass-media, or broadcast forms of advertising are becoming less effective because they are based on interruption. Media is continuing to fragment (more websites, more TV channels, more magazines) so it is increasingly expensive to shout at your target audience.

Marketing Your Establishment Effectively

February 2012

No matter how much effective marketing you do, remember: You can lead a horse to water, but if you have grumpy crocodiles in the watering hole or the water tastes weird, then that horse will take her thirsty lips somewhere else.

The Why Of Restaurants

November 2009

Here's an easy question: Why do you go out to a restaurant? There are probably nearly as many answers as there are restaurant-goers.

Build Your Business Brand To Help You Ride Out The Recession

April 2009

There of course has been incessant commentary in the business pages on the state of the economy. However as none of these experts has a crystal ball the outlook for the future is of course unknown. So we must just carry on because as restaurateurs we are still responsible for our business viability, our staff, suppliers and customers as well as our own financial wellbeing.

Be A Better Marketer Of What You Do Than A Doer Of What You Do

March 2009

Let's face it. There are 1,000's of businesses just like yours. Caterers. Cafs. Restaurants. Suppliers to the trade. What makes any one of you very successful? What makes you special?

Surely The Restaurant Is One Of Civilisations Great Achievements...

May 2008

Since it was not there, the French had to invent it, long before the revolution a restaurant was a cauldron of restorative stew into which for a few sous customers plunged their bowls and helped themselves and very soon it caught on elsewhere. As how would it not, the idea being so simple and sweet?

Strive and Survive

May 2008

Lately the media seems keen to inundate us with stories of doom and gloom with regard to the economy. Whilst there are some dark clouds and some corrections taking place it seems so far to be mostly led by the property market. I know however we are a tiny part of the global economy and as such have no influence on the vagaries of that vast behemoth. So there is not a lot we can do with regard to the big picture.