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Health & Safety

Health and Safety changes. Don't be caught out!

1 February, 2014

Believe it or not, 2014 is here (and January has been and gone!). Now that the festivities have passed for another year, it’s time to turn to goals for the New Year. The Government has set itself a goal to pass legislation that will drastically change workplace health and safety obligations.

Restaurant Fined After Employee Seriously Injured

November 2012

A recent Court case in Tauranga is a reminder that members need to vigilant in managing the safety of their staff.

Firm Didn't Protect From Cyber-Bullying - owes $820,000

June 2012

When it comes to protecting employees from bullying, an employers responsibility extends beyond the physical workplace. That's the costly lesson one organisation in the USA learned.

Health & Safety 101

September 2011

It can be all too easy to assume that 'health and safety' is something for people chopping lumber, or working in factories. Similarly, it can be tempting to figure that "it'll all be covered by insurance if something goes wrong and there's a health and safety prosecution.

Bullying and Health & Safety

An Australian workplace bullying case has attracted media attention recently, where a caf and four of its employees were convicted and fined of failing to provide and maintain a safe workplace as well as failing to properly train and supervise employees.

Getting Your Sexual Harassment Policy In Place Will Protect Your Business

April 2010

Both the Human Rights Act 1993 and the Employment Relations Act 2000 make sexual harassment a form of unlawful discrimination. Anyone alleging sexual harassment may choose to complain to the Human Rights Commissions or to lodge a personal grievance claim. So it is important that employers know and understand their statutory obligations.

Failure To Have Sexual Harassment Policy Can Result In A Significant Financial Claim

February 2008

In our role as an industry advocate representing the interests of our members we have acted for three members in recent times who have been faced with allegations of sexual harassment in their operations