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Council / Government Legislation

'Tea break' bill becomes law

1 November, 2014

Despite a little last minute debate, and the distaste of Union representatives, Labour, the Greens and NZ First, the Employment Relations Amendment Bill passed its third reading in Parliament recently and was passed into law. It will come into force four months after royal assent.

Advertising and promotions regulated by new laws

1 February, 2014

New measures to regulate alcohol promotions came into force from 18 December 2013, with the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 creating offences and penalties for certain alcohol promotions or activities.

On The Horizon - regulations and legislation in review

November 2012

One of the Restaurant Associations aims is to ensure that our members are kept abreast of possible regulatory changes that may impact our businesses and so wed like to let you know of some recent developments.

An Overview Of Liquor Licences In New Zealand

July 2012

Any business wanting to sell liquor to the public is required to have a liquor licence. Obtaining a licence is therefore a necessary step for many of our hospitality establishments. We provide here a useful reference guide to liquor licensing in New Zealand.

Alfresco Dining Proposed Fees Increase: 85%

July 2012

We became involved recently when the Queenstown-Lakes District Council proposed to raise the fee charged for outdoor seating by up to 85%. This of course inflamed local members of the Restaurant Association and CEO, Marisa Bidois, made a spirited submission opposing the proposal. BY CLYTH MACLEOD

New Copyright Law Set To Impact Businesses

November 2011

The Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Act came into force on 1st September, providing the owners of copyrighted works such as movies, TV shows and music with a special process for dealing with copyright infringements when an internet user has infringed their copyright using a file sharing network.

The Alcohol Reform Bill - disciminating against the majority?

March 2011

The Restaurant Association has recently appeared before the Select Committee to present their submission on The Alcohol Reform Bill. The Government has introduced the Alcohol Reform Bill in response to the Law Commissions report on alcohol legislation, Alcohol In Our Lives: Curbing The Harm. The Bill has the lofty objects of ensuring liquor is sold, supplied and consumed 'safely and responsibly', and of minimising the 'harm caused by excessive or inappropriate consumption of alcohol'.

Hiring Foreign Staff

November 2010

The Immigration Act 2009 (the Act) comes into effect on 29 November 2010 replacing the Immigration Act 1987. The Act contains a number of changes that will affect employers. It introduces a new visa system to replace the current visa, permit and exemption regime. It tightens employer responsibilities creating stricter obligations to ensure foreign nationals are legally employed.

How To For The Hospitality Industry: Advice On The Treatment Of PAYE & GST On Tips

December 2011

As part of the increased focus on hospitality businesses, the IRD has recently updated information on how employers should treat tips. As the advice has implications for businesses who may have been treating all tips received in the same manner, this has resulted in a number of queries to the Association asking for clarification. Here is the advice on the treatment of tips provided on the IRD website:

Casual & Temporary Employees due to get better protection

July 2008

The Department of Labour is to develop a Code of Employment Practice for Casual and Non-Standard Employment making it easier for employers to understand and comply with employer's obligations when employing casual and temporary workers. Temporary and casual workers employment protections are to be better according to proposed changes to the Employment Relations Act 2000 (as amended), Trevor Mallard Labour Minister has announced.

Ideology Vs Common Sense

July 2008

We recently made a written submission to the Select Committee considering a Bill to amend the Employment Relations Act that will provide a statutory obligation for employers to allow rest and meal breaks for employees and to provide facilities for breast-feeding mothers in employment.

New Food Control Plans For Food Operations Available Soon

July 2008

New Zealands new domestic food regulatory regime has come a step closer with the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) revealing its template Food Control Plan recently in a series of workshops being held around the country.

When Is A Restaurant Not A Restaurant?

June 2008

The Liquor Licensing Authority Is Redefining Our Business

Ban On Mobile Phone Use While Driving

October 2009

As of 1 November 2009, it will be unlawful to use mobile phones while driving. The ban precludes not only talking but also texting and emailing.

Are You Up To Speed With The Swift Kiwisaver Changes?

March 2009

As at 31 December 2008 over 900,000 New Zealands were members of KiwiSaver. It is therefore vitally important that employers and employees alike, keep on top of KiwiSaver. We wish you luck.

90 day trial period encouraging news for employers

January 2009

In new legislation passed at the end of 2008 employers who employ less than 20 employees will be able to (from 1 March 2009) employ new employees on a trial period of up to 90 calendar days and if dismissed the employee will not be able to take a personal grievance. The trial period can apply to full time or part time staff and casuals.

Changes To Kiwisaver Coming on 1st April

January 2009