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Food Safety

Need Help Formalising Food Safety Practices?

November 2013

For those operations who have yet to implement a Food Control Plan (FCP) in their businesses, a new version of the free template from the Ministry for Primary Industries is now available.

Don't Put Off Your Food Control Plan

April 2013

How do you know that the food you serve to your customers consistently meets food safety requirements? Catering and food service businesses that have voluntarily decided to operate with a food control plan (FCP) over the past few years can provide a few answers.

The Conspiracy Surrounding The Food Bill

February 2012

The Food Bill has been in the news lately with conspiracy theorists getting on the band wagon, several opposition MPs calling for more public consultation before it undergoes its second reading in Parliament this year and an online petition opposing the Bill gathering almost 30,000 signatures. The Government say there is just a lot of scaremongering from opponents of the proposed legislation, while others say the Food Bill still reflects the attitudes of bureaucrats who know nothing of small food operations.

The Moment Of Truth Is Looming

May 2011

The Restaurant Association recently represented the industry at the recent Food Safety Summit in Auckland, presenting a session on: How well is the hospitality industry prepared for the Food Act? We provide you with our commentary here...

Crunch time looms for hospitality trade

November 2010

Every day our restaurants and food service outlets feed 1.5 million people. Food safety is an integral part of this experience. It's a competitive advantage and an absolute necessity for one of the country's cornerstone industries; it's a customer's expectation and right to buy food, enjoy it and live to tell the tale. But the hospitality business is about to get a shake up by way of a long-awaited Food Bill that will focus on food safety.

New Food Safety Regulations Delayed

March 2008

The new Food Bill, which has come out of the long running Domestic Food Review, which will change, and standardise, the approach to food safety assessment in our industry has been delayed. Our guess is that the Government probably has other priorities in election year.

Food Control Plans - No Need To Panic

November 2007

There is some unease being expressed around the industry about the pending changes to the food safety rules and the ways in which these will be monitored and policed. The following article has been sent to us by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority with whom we have been discussing the off the peg food control plans and changes to industry education.