Restaurant Association of New Zealand

Restaurant Association Gift Vouchers

Restaurant Association Gift Vouchers

The Restaurant Association has developed a gift voucher which can be used in our members’ establishments throughout New Zealand. The programme has been designed to bring incremental business to our members.

A Restaurant Association Gift voucher has the same value to you as cash – you receive the full proceeds. There is no commission or processing charge by us. The voucher will be redeemable for its FULL face value by lodging with your banking (just like a cheque) if you are a Westpac customer or sending to our office with a guaranteed remittance by ourselves within 7 days; so all you need to do is ensure that you and your staff accept the voucher if someone comes in with one.

Key facts:

  • Available exclusively at Restaurant Association member establishments
  • Reimbursement will be in full, either by processing the voucher through your banking (with Westpac) or through remittance through the Restaurant Association.
  • Promotion of the Voucher Scheme is extensive, through American Express rewards programme and website and print advertising.
  • Your participation with this scheme confirms your association with a recognised professional body – the Restaurant Association of New Zealand.


When you are presented with a Restaurant Association Gift Voucher by a customer, please do the following:

Check the security features:

  • Is it on cheque paper?
  • Has it got the lime green band of colour across the top?
  • Does it have a serial number on it?

In addition, if the voucher was purchased after July 2005 they will have some additional security features:

  • New security gold foil on the front – this can not be tampered with or photocopied.
  • Expiry date: each new gift voucher will now have an expiry date stamped on the back of it, validating it for ONE year from date of purchase.

Please ensure your staff are aware to look for this date on the new vouchers and do not accept the vouchers if they are out of date.

Some old vouchers are still in circulation however only new ones are now being sold.

Restaurant Association Gift Vouchers

If the customer has spent less than the voucher value, you are not required to give change, however, if you choose to, you are reimbursed for the full amount anyway.

If the customer spends over the voucher value, they must pay the balance to you.

Add the establishments details in the blank box on the back (or stamp it if you have one) so we know where it has come from.

Please take a note of the serial number on the voucher – BEFORE YOU SEND IT BACK TO US.



If you are a Westpac customer

Lodge the voucher at your Westpac branch with your daily/weekly banking (just like you would do with a cheque). You will be reimbursed the full amount by Westpac.

If you are not a Westpac Customer

Send the voucher back to Restaurant Association, PO Box 8287, Symonds Street, Auckland for full reimbursement. The full amount will be direct credited into your bank account as soon as possible but within 7 days of receiving the voucher. We will send you a letter of confirmation confirming the money has been deposited.

Please ensure you clearly indicate your membership details and that you have given us your current bank account numbers with each voucher.

Remember, this is a member benefit for being part of the Restaurant Association and has no fees or deduction attached to it.