Restaurant Association of New Zealand

Professional Development Courses

It is imperative that business owners and managers take time away from the business to work on your business. The Association makes it easy to stay on top of relevant issues and beneficial ways to run your business through the professional development programme. These are short courses for owners, managers (and staff) enabling hospitality professionals to take a couple of hours out of their busy working week to focus on upskilling and improving their business.

A range of training sessions and workshops are held from March until October in Auckland, at the Restaurant Association's venue, taste, ground floor, 45 Normanby Road, Mt Eden.

We also run regular webinars (online presentations), which can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

For more information on what's coming up, or to book a session, read more below or phone Ian McLaughlan on (09) 638 8403 or email ian@restaurantnz.co.nz.

You can download a copy of the March & April calendar here.

You can download a copy of the May & June calendar here.

Please Note: Payment MUST be received prior to each course

March Courses

This month's courses include the popular presentation: Emerging Managers and Using Facebook and LinkedIn in your marketing...

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April Courses

This month's courses will cover, Developing a sales-focused team and Get your wages costs under control...

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May courses

This month's courses are on upskilling your staff and leases...

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June courses

This month's courses cover 90 day trial periods, performance management, food engineering and costing...

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Recorded Webinars

We have a variety of recorded webinars available to purchase...

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