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Apprenticeship Programme

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Have a passion for being creative? Then become an Apprentice Chef!

  • Wishing to become the next notable professional in the Art of Food and Cookery.
  • Once you have employment, we can assist you.
  • The programme consists of two eighteen month blocks
  • All 'œOn the job training' and be assessed as you progress through the programme.
  • Send us your CV, we may be able to put your name forward to an employer.
  • Having qualifications shows you have the recognised skills to start the journey of a lifetime.
  • This recognised programme allows you to say I have learnt and developed my skills, through a recognised programme.

Who are we?

  • The Restaurant Association has key personal who are on the ground and who will manage your progress through the training.
  • All our staff are fully trained chefs with up-to-date knowledge of the profession
  • We are committed to helping you gain your qualifications.
  • Visits take place four times a year to assess you and work
  • The visits will also coincide with taking with the employer and the establishment'™s team to assist your learning programme.

Completing your qualification will not be easy (in fact, it will be challenging) and you may simply want to give up. Our profession is not easy with long hours spread across both day and night work and not forgetting weekends and holidays, when your friends may be off. That is when you stay focused and keep striving for your goals. Live your dreams in your journey to career and personal accomplishment

What should I do next?

  • You have to find an employer who is prepared to take you on as an Apprentice.
  • We can assist; you but are not a job agency.
  • Therefore, you will have to show some commitment by getting out there with your CV and 'œwalking' the establishments near you.
  • We can talk with you and the establishment and work out the final paper work.
  • Not all places are suitable to take on an apprentice. Therefore, we do advise that you talk with us first before getting a contact signed.
  • Support can come from many areas, but you will have to work on the practical training on the job each day, and we will along with your employer will set a training plan for you.

So you wish to have some more information.

Click Here to view the qualifications.

Contact us: Restaurant Association of NZ on 0800 737827 or email peter@restaurantnz.co.nz

Want to employ a Cookery Apprentice?

Why should I take on a young person?

  • Because when you take on an apprentice, you help secure the future of your profession.
  • You help to secure our industry as a major sector of the New Zealand economy.
  • All the knowledge and experience you have gained during your years in the industry will be passed on to the next generation. How priceless is that?

Getting started

  • To take on a Cookery apprentice, simply contact your nearest Regional Coordinator.
  • They will explain how it all works, and find out what kind of person you need, your work culture and expectations.
  • The coordinator will also arrange an induction meeting with you and the apprentice before the apprenticeship begins.
  • If you already have a candidate in mind, your coordinator can assist with the sign-up process.

Contact us: Restaurant Association of NZ on 0800 737827 or email peter@restaurantnz.co.nz

Peter Le Grice - Apprentice Manager (09) 632 1403

Tracey Lines - Apprentice Co-ordinator (04) 817 5243

Israel Evers - Apprentice Co-Ordinator (09) 632 1408