Wait Staff | Pegasus Bay Winery

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Wait Staff,Pegasus Bay Winery

North Canterbury

Full time, Permanent, day time shifts

Pay and benefits; $15 petrol allowance per shift if travelling from ChCh, incentives , staff meals Hourly Rate $21

Exciting opportunity, many incentives, staff meals, lots of wine, fun and caring team vibe, training & development opportunities

Pegasus Bay Winery is family owned and operated business 45 minutes north of Christchurch in stunning North Canterbury. We have been awarded the title of the ‘ Cuisine Magazine Winery Restaurant of the Year’ 8 out of the last 11 years.

We are looking for someone who has:

. has solid experience working in Front of House . is excited about quality produce and wine . wants to excel and thrive in a successful established restaurant . loves being part of a rewarding team

We are a lunch time restaurant and pride ourselves on having friendly, down to earth service delivered in an informal, polished and attentive style.

If this sounds like you we would love to hear from you.


Please send your CV to Belinda hospo@pegasusbay.com

The Coffee Club Bayfair gets off to a strong start with one of the brand’s most successful opening weekends

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A fresh look and new location at Bayfair Shopping Centre saw The Coffee Club get off to a strong start as the revamped mall opened its doors last week. The results for the opening weekend were one of the best seen by the brand and will be pleasing news for new franchisees, Billie Burrows and Mark Seton

Over 2,500 people visited the store over the four day period starting on Thursday 6  December through to Sunday 9 December. It was one of the busiest opening weekends for the café chain that has over 60 stores in New Zealand. Nearly a third of those to walk through the doors did so on the opening day.

The popularity of the newly refreshed restaurant will be welcome news for owners Billie & Mark who have returned home to Mount Maunganui after running several different cafes across the North Island. “We opened our first café in Papamoa. Since then we have owned and operated a couple of different venues before taking a break to travel. Now we’re back home and excited to be here,” says Billie. 

coffee club

The Coffee Club took up a new spot in the refreshed Bayfair Shopping Centre, which gave the brand a chance to freshen up its look. “It’s one of our most open sites in terms of its layout,” says Brad Jacobs, Director of The Coffee Club. “It has been designed to feel very accessible and welcoming for anyone in the centre. I think the revamp is going to be a huge success.”

The region is one that the popular café chain has highlighted as a growth area in New Zealand, as it continues to look for opportunities to expand beyond Auckland. “We are seeing a lot of potential to grow the business in quite a few of the regions. There have been a number of commercial developments across the country, and lots of areas outside of Auckland are growing in popularity, so it’s an exciting time,” adds Brad.

The Coffee Club Bayfair Shopping Centre, Mount Maunganui has a breakfast, brunch and lunch menu that can be ordered from at any time of the day. It is open Monday-Sunday from 7.00am to 6.00pm, except on Thursday and Friday, when it stays open late until 9.00pm.

Kitchen Team | Eden Garden, Epsom

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Do you enjoy cooking ? Can you can start immediately and work weekends only until the end of February 2019 ? This is a great opportunity to use your creativity and cooking skills over the summer months.

Candidates should be able to do the following:
• Bake scones and muffins and other cabinet style food.
• Prepare food for our blackboard lunch menu.
• Stock pantry, fridges and display cabinets
Hours: Saturdays and Sundays 8:00am to 3:00pm.

The successful candidate will need to be reliable, hardworking and have good communication skills. Preference will be given to candidates with experience in BOH and with a cooking qualification. Hourly rate is negotiable if experience is proven. Student must have NZ residency or a valid NZ work visa. There is an opportunity for ongoing employment during the university year and beyond for the right candidate.

If this sounds like you then please apply now!

Please note short listed candidates must be available for an interview if requested
Email your cv to reception@edengarden.co.nz

Restaurant Association CEO receives distinguished award for outstanding hospitality and tourism contributions

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At an awards gala on Thursday 6 December, Marisa Bidois – Restaurant Association of New Zealand CEO – was presented with the Outstanding Contribution to the Hospitality and Tourism Community Award by AUT.

AUT’s School of Hospitality and Tourism holds an awards event every year to acknowledge its top students and to recognise industry achievements. The Award recognises outstanding performance, and is a recognition of contributions toward raising the standard of hospitality in New Zealand and increasing awareness of New Zealand as a cuisine destination.

Outstanding Contribution to the Hospitality Community Award

AUT Head of Department Hospitality David Williamson says the awards are an important recognition of outstanding achievement by the school’s top students and the industry awards ‘close the circle’.


“Now, by adding the industry awards, the event is celebrating both the excellence of the young graduates, just starting their careers, and the achievements of  ‘legends’, who have graduated in the past. This way both the future and the legacy of the school is celebrated and recognised.”


These successful people exemplify a gateway into an exciting, challenging and rewarding career option and they offer a great example to inspire and motivate young professionals joining our industry.

The recipients of this Award have actively worked to strengthen, promote and enrich the hospitality community. This year, Marisa Bidois was presented this honour for her outstanding contributions to the hospitality industry, alongside Joseph Casalme for his work in the events industry.

Marisa was selected for her ongoing commitment in promoting excellence within the hospitality industry, which has included not only lifting the standards of restaurant service, but also employment practice and education outcomes.

The Award recognises Marisa’s work within hospitality education through a wide range of partnerships including the Ministry of Social Development and the School of Hospitality and Tourism at AUT.


“To be recognised by your industry peers is a real honour. This is a tough industry to work in but I am motivated by my passion for the industry and a commitment to help hospitality businesses deliver the very best service they can to New Zealanders. I am humbled to be given this award and look forward to continuing my work.”


As a long-term supporter of the School of Hospitality and Tourism at AUT, Marisa holds a seat on the Hospitality Industry Partnership Board. In working with the school, Marisa provides opportunities for student learning through their work-integrated learning placements and postgraduate research projects. Over the years, Marisa has attended countless orientation sessions, guest lectures, expert panels and awards ceremonies.

Since its inception in 2015, this Award has had 9 previous outstanding recipients across the tourism, events, and hospitality industry including David Comery, Judith Tabron, Krishna Botica, Simon Gault, Tony Astle, Michael Meredith, Jason Hill, Lindy Christian, and Paul Dunlop.

Each recipient of this Award have contributed in their own way to their field of practice, New Zealand society and education.

2019 food and dining trends – what’s hot?

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As we head into the tail end of 2018, we reach that time of the year when future forecasting begins – everyone is  looking for the best indicators of food and dining trends for the New Year.

Though not quite at the point where machines take over our restaurants and our meals appear at the blink of an eye, we’ve reached a new era in food technology and innovation where items and services on offer today were only a mere fragment of a thought a few years ago.

Let us know what you think will be hot in 2019 and what the New Zealand customer will be looking for in the coming year by with this short Snapshot Poll:

Snapshot Poll: 2019 Food & Dining Trends


With a considerable number of industry predictions already out there for 2019 dining and food trends, we’ve rounded up some bedtime reading for you on what’s going to be hot around the globe in 2019 and what diners will be looking for.

The Top 5 Food Trends to Watch in 2019

2019 food dining trends

More people will eat at home
Increased automation
Mainstreaming of marijuana
Rise of lab-grown, “motherless” meats
Sour rules

Top Ten Dining Trends for 2019 – according to Benchmark, global hospitality company

2019 food dining trends

The tea party
Meat lovers
Fermentated foods
Insect protein
Farm to table & sustainable farming
Online & mobile food ordering
Vegetarian and plant-based menus
Food and the greater good supporting the hungry and less fortunate
The dietician-chef

These 20 trends will decide how we eat in 2019 – according to Whole Foods

2019 food dining trends

Pacific Rim-inspired flavours
Shelf-stable probiotics
Phat fats
Frozen treats of a different kind
Marine munchies beyond seaweed
Hemp, revamped
Faux meat snacks
Empowering purchases
Eco-friendly packaging
Gourmet snacks

Predictions for 2019’s Biggest Food Trends

Cannabis everything
New probiotics
Motherless meat & other sustainable substitutions
Robot takeover
High-end fast casual
New greens & veggies
Fats and proteins we love
Food designed for Insta stories
New twists on the fav sandwich

Employment Relations Amendment Bill: Time for a Change (again!)

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The winds of change are once again blowing through the employment law landscape. Throughout this year, we have seen numerous bills make their way through Parliament, amending and adding to employment law. Some of these changes are set to come into force next year. So what do you need to know?

Employment Relations Amendment Bill

This week, the Employment Relations Amendment Bill passed its third reading in Parliament. It is now just awaiting Royal assent. This means the Bill in its current form will likely become law by the end of 2018, and will (for the most part) take effect next year.

This Bill amends the Employment Relations Act 2000. According to the Minister of Workplace Relations and Safety, its purpose is to restore key minimum standards and protections for employees, and implements a suite of changes to promote and strengthen collective bargaining and union rights in the workplace.

The general amendments include:

  • Restricting 90 day trial periods to employers with fewer than 20 employees. This change takes the 90 day clause back to its 2009 form, which subsisted until the “fewer than 20 employees” limit was removed in 2011 (comes into force on 6 May 2019).
  • Changes to sections relating to the continuity of employment if an employee’s work is affected by restructuring (comes into force on 6 May 2019).
  • Restoring prescribed rest and meal breaks with a limited exception for workers in essential services and national security who cannot be replaced (comes into force on 6 May 2019).
  • Restoring reinstatement as the primary remedy for unjustified dismissal. It will require an employer to argue that reinstatement is impracticable and unreasonable (comes into force the day after Royal assent).
  • Providing further protections for employees in vulnerable industries, which the Bill also identifies (comes into force the day after Royal assent).

The amendments to collective bargaining and union rights include:

  • Employers to provide reasonable paid time for union delegates undertaking union activities during the employees’ normal hours of work, with limited exceptions (comes into force on 6 May 2019).
  • A union representative does not require the employer’s consent to enter a workplace, but the employer’s consent is required if there are no union members in the workplace covered by, or bargaining for, a collective agreement.
  • A penalty for refusing to permit a union representative who is entitled to enter a workplace to enter the workplace (comes into force the day after Royal assent).
  • A union party to a collective agreement may request an employer party to pass on union information to prospective employees, but the employer may refuse to comply on certain grounds, including the information being confidential (comes into force on 6 May 2019).
  • Requiring the parties bargaining for a collective agreement who come to a standstill or reach a deadlock about a matter, to continue to bargain about any other matters on which they have not reached agreement (comes into force on 6 May 2019).
  • Requiring the parties bargaining for a collective agreement to conclude a collective agreement unless there is a genuine reason, based on reasonable grounds, not to. While opposition to collective agreements in general is not a good reason to fail to settle, opposition to concluding a multi-employer collective agreement is a genuine reason not to conclude if that opposition is based on reasonable grounds (comes into force on 6 May 2019).
  • Restoring the earlier initiation timeframes for unions in collective bargaining (comes into force the day after Royal assent).
  • Repealing opt out of bargaining for collective agreement sections (comes into force the day after Royal assent).
  • Requiring collective agreements to include pay rates of wages or salary payable to employees bound by the agreement (comes into force on 6 May 2019).
  • Restoring the 30 day rule where for the first 30 days new employees must be employed under terms consistent with the collective agreement (comes into force on 6 May 2019).
  • Repealing partial strike pay deductions (where employers can deduct wages for low-level industrial action) (comes into force the day after Royal assent).
  • Provides greater protections against discrimination for union members (comes into force 6 months after the date of Royal assent).

Domestic Violence – Victims’ Protection Act 2018

This Act makes amendments to the Employment Relations Act 2000, the Holidays Act 2003 and Human Rights Act 1993. These amendments enhance protection in the workplace for persons affected by domestic violence and reduce the financial impact of domestic violence on persons affected by enabling an employee to request flexible working arrangements for two months or less and providing up to ten days domestic violence leave each year. It comes into force on 1 April 2019.

This may require changes to your employment agreement templates and potentially your relevant workplace policies and procedures.

Read more on the Act here.

Keep an eye out

But wait, there’s more! In addition to the changes to the Employment Relations Act 2000, and the Domestic Violence – Victims’ Protection Act, there are few other bills waiting in the wings.

  • The Equal Pay Amendment Bill seeks to improve the process for raising and progressing pay equity claims, and to eliminate and prevent discrimination on the basis of sex in the remuneration and employment terms and conditions for work done within female-dominated jobs. The Select Committee report is due on 16 April 2019. This is not to be mistaken for the Employment (Pay Equity and Equal Pay) Bill, which was introduced in July 2017, but has since been withdrawn from Parliament.
  • The Employment Relations (Triangular Employment) Amendment Bill seeks to ensure that employees employed by one employer, but working under the control and direction of another business or organisation, are not deprived of the right to coverage of a collective agreement, and to ensure that such employees are not subject to a detriment in their right to allege a personal grievance. The Select Committee report is due on 17 December 2018.
  • The Holidays (Bereavement Leave for Miscarriage) Amendment Bill seeks to make it clear that the unplanned death of a foetus constitutes grounds for bereavement leave for the mother and her partner or spouse, and that the duration of the bereavement leave should be up to three days.
  • The Government established a taskforce this year to review the Holidays Act 2003.

Members can contact our 24/7 Helpline at 0800 737 827 with any questions.

Update provided by Hesketh Henry

Visa processing times may take longer from November to March

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Immigration New Zealand (INZ) is currently receiving high numbers of visa applications. This is likely to continue until March 2019. This is typical for this time of year as visitor and student visa applications experience a peak from November to March due to the summer season and the beginning of a new academic year.

You can find recent processing times on the INZ website, which will help you establish an estimated processing time for a visa.

When applicants are making travel plans they need to take these processing times into account. Submit an application as early as possible to allow enough time for the application to be processed before the date of intended travel.

Visitor, student and work visa applicants are encouraged to apply using the Immigration Online system via the INZ website. It’s faster and easier to apply online. You can upload supporting documents and photographs and pay for an application online.

To ensure applications are processed as quickly as possible, you need to supply all relevant information including translations. If the correct information is not supplied, this could hold up the processing of the visa.

Applicants should wait until their application is completed before they finalise their travel plans. INZ will not prioritise a visa application if an applicant has already purchased travel.

Applicants should wait until the indicated time for visa application processing has passed before contacting INZ, unless your / your employee’s circumstances have changed or INZ have exceeded the indicated timeframes.

How long it takes to process your visa application

Kiwi restaurants a cut above the rest for Beef and Lamb

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172 restaurants, nationwide, received the iconic Beef and Lamb Excellence Award. Chef Peter Gordon: ‘Hugely proud’ of world-class New Zealand beef and lamb.

172 restaurants have received the longest running culinary award in New Zealand, the Beef and Lamb Excellence Award for 2019 after a tough and rigorous assessment process. Now in their 23rd year, the Excellence Awards recognise the skill, expertise and talent of our greatest chefs and together with the iconic gold plate, signpost to consumers where they can try the pinnacle of beef and lamb.

Peter Gordon, arguably New Zealand’s greatest export, has been wowing the folk of London and New Zealand with his remarkable dishes and has travelled the world plying his trade – but rates Kiwi chefs amongst the best in terms of cooking with beef and lamb.


“I have eaten at restaurants around the world and I’m hugely proud of the world-class beef and lamb we have here in New Zealand.”


“I put this down to two factors; we have access to these wonderful meats, that are grass-fed and reared outdoors, giving them a delicious texture and flavour.”


“But it also comes down to our chefs. They are talented, creative, dedicated, adventurous – I could go on throwing adjectives at them – but the proof is there for anyone to experience at restaurants up and down the country.”


After an application process that saw over 230 restaurants apply, an army of more than 100 independent, culinary-trained assessors were sent out to ‘mystery shop’ the restaurants and return their verdicts on whether the dishes had met the standard to be labelled as a leader of beef and lamb cuisine.

New Zealand is renowned for its world-class beef and lamb by locals and visitors alike. Shaun Clouston, Executive Chef at the Wellington institution Logan Brown, has experienced first hand the pull New Zealand beef and lamb can have on international visitors.

“I once had a customer who saw a lamb dish from Logan Brown featured in a magazine. He then got on a plane from Japan, landed in Auckland and flew straight to Wellington just to have New Zealand lamb.”

“The beef and lamb dishes I have tried by other Kiwi chefs are phenomenal – verses what I’ve had elsewhere, they are unbelievably good. Just the other day I had probably the best lamb I’ve ever eaten in my life at a restaurant right here in New Zealand.

“I think what really helps us as chefs is access to fantastic product, this is where it all begins. It’s difficult to group all chefs into the same basket but we are all able to draw from the world’s best product.”

But for any self-confessed foodie, the proof is in the eating. Anyone keen to experience how good we Kiwis are at cooking with beef and lamb should head to the restaurant directory on nzexcellenceawards.co.nz and try for themselves.


Full Beef and Lamb Excellence Awards 2019 Restaurant List

*Check out featured RA member restaurants & cafes.


Marsden Estate Winery, Kerikeri
The Duke of Marlborough Hotel,  Russell
Te Koha Lodge,  Te Ngaere
The Quay Kitchen,  Whangarei
Number 8 Restaurant & Bar,  Whangarei


*Cibo Parnell, Parnell
Soljans Estate Winery, Kumeu
Knights on Albert, Stamford Plaza Hotel, Central Auckland
*MASU, Central Auckland
21 Days Bar & Brasserie, Browns Bay
*Annabelles, Mission Bay
Giraffe, Central Auckland
Manly Bar & Grill, Whangaparaoa
*The Square, Novotel Auckland Airport, Auckland
Mr Toms, Ponsonby
Queen’s Head Bar & Eatery, Four Points by Sheraton, Central Auckland
*Oyster and Chop, Central Auckland
*Vineyard Café, Villa Maria Estate, South Auckland
*Regatta Bar & Eatery, Takapuna
*Jervois Steakhouse, Herne Bay
*Pilkingtons, Central Auckland
*Ampersand Eatery, Central Auckland
*Bracu, Bombay
*Black Cottage Café, Coatsville
Rothko, Matakana
Plume Restaurant, Matakana
*Casita Miro, Waiheke Island
*Cable Bay Vineyards, Waiheke Island
*The Archive Bar & Bistro, Waiheke Island
*Tantalus Estate, Waiheke Island


*Pepper Tree Restaurant & Bar, Coromandel Town
Koru at Rapaura, Thames

Bay of Plenty

Central Park Bar & Kitchen, Katikati
Latitude 37, Mt. Maunganui
*Mount Bistro, Mt. Maunganui
*Tay Street Beach Café, Mt. Maunganui
The Crown & Badger, Tauranga
Halo Lounge & Dining, Trinity Wharf Tauranga, Tauranga
*Bistro at Falls Retreat, Waihi
Waihi Beach Hotel, Waihi Beach


Alpha Street Kitchen & Bar, Cambridge
Zealong Tea Estate, Gordonton
*Palate Restaurant, Hamilton
Bluestone Steak House, Hamilton
Furnace Restaurant & Bar, Hamilton
*Smith & McKenzie Steakhouse, Hamilton
The Redoubt Bar & Eatery, Matamata
The Wooden Farmer Restaurant, Putaruru
Fahrenheit Restaurant & Bar, Te Awamutu
*Huhu Café, Waitomo


Dukes Restaurant, Princes Gate Hotel, Rotorua
Stolen Bike Café, Rotorua
*Mokoia Restaurant, Waiora Lakeside Spa Resort, Rotorua
Regent of Rotorua Restaurant & Wine Bar, Rotorua

Taupo / National Park

*Ruapehu Room, The Chateau, National Park
Victoria’s Café Kitchen Bar, Taupo
*Edgewater Restaurant, Millennium Hotel & Resort Manuels, Taupo
*The Brantry, Taupo
Plateau Bar & Eatery, Taupo
The Bistro, Taupo
Bistro Lago, Hilton Lake Taupo, Taupo
Tongariro Lodge, Turangi


*Gusto Restaurant Café & Bar, New Plymouth
The Orangery Restaurant, Quality Hotel, New Plymouth
Bella Vita Restaurant, New Plymouth
*Gover St Bistro, New Plymouth
Meat and Liquor, New Plymouth
Fork n Knife, New Plymouth
*Table Restaurant, Nice Hotel, New Plymouth
The Good Home, New Plymouth
Stony River Boutique Hotel, Okato


The Barrelhouse, Dannevirke
Amayjen The Restaurant, Feilding
Nero Restaurant, Palmerston North
Table 188, Palmerston North
*The Fat Farmer, Palmerston North
*Aberdeen on Broadway, Palmerston North

Hawke’s Bay

Mangapapa Hotel, Havelock North
*Namaskar Indian Restaurant, Havelock North
Emporium Eatery & Bar, Art Deco Masonic Hotel, Napier
*Philippine Asian Kitchen, Westshore Beach Inn Hotel, Napier


Wharekauhau Country Estate, Featherston
Union Square, Martinborough Hotel, Martinborough
Pinocchio, Martinborough
Tirohana Estate, Martinborough
Eatery 10 Restaurant, Martinborough

Nelson / Marlborough

Harakeke Restaurant, Awaroa Lodge, Abel Tasman NP
Quench Restaurant & Bar, Chateau Marlborough, Blenheim
*Saint Clair Vineyard Kitchen, Blenheim
Kai Restaurant, Kaiteriteri
Precinct Dining Co., Nelson
Comida Café & Restaurant, Nelson
Cod & Lobster Brasserie, Nelson
Foredeck Restaurant, Bay of Many Coves, Queen Charlotte Sound


Sea Salt Café & Eatery, Wellington
Artisan Dining House, Bolton Hotel, Wellington
*Cashmere Lounge, Wellington
*Grill Meats Beer, Wellington
*Logan Brown, Wellington
*Noble Rot Wine Bar, Wellington
*Olive Restaurant, Wellington
One 80 Restaurant, Copthorne Hotel Oriental Bay, Wellington
Vivant! Restaurant & Bar, Ibis Hotel, Wellington
Hummingbird Eatery & Bar, Wellington
Southern Cross Garden Bar Restaurant, Wellington
*Chameleon Restaurant, InterContinental Hotel, Wellington
*Bellamy’s by Logan Brown, Wellington
*Boulcott Street Bistro, Wellington
*La Bella Italia, Wellington
Portlander Bar & Grill, Rydges Hotel, Wellington
Jackson Café Bistro, Lower Hutt
*Shed 5 Restaurant & Bar, Wellington
*Tinakori Bistro, Wellington


Braided Rivers Restaurant & Bar, Ashburton
*The Lake House, Ashburton
*The Polo Bar & Restaurant, Christchurch
Costas Taverna, Christchurch
*Pescatore, The George, Christchurch
*50 Bistro, The George, Christchurch
*Strawberry Fare, Christchurch
Chillingworth Road, Christchurch
Merrin Street Brewery Bar, Christchurch
Terra Viva Café, Christchurch
The Old Vicarage, Christchurch
The Craft Embassy, Christchurch
5th Street, Christchurch
Cook ‘n’ with Gas, Christchurch
Pattersons Restaurant & Bar, Commodore Hotel, Christchurch
The Flamming Rabbit, Christchurch
Christchurch Tramway Restaurant, Christchurch
The Happening Bar & Kitchen, Christchurch
*Café Valentino, Christchurch
Coasters Tavern, Christchurch
The Square, Novotel Christchurch, Christchurch
The Good Home Ferrymead, Christchurch
No. 31 Restaurant, Hanmer Springs
Governors Bay Hotel, Lyttleton

Dunedin / North Otago

McGavins Restaurant & Bar, Mercure Dunedin Leisure Lodge, Dunedin
Bacchus Wine Bar & Restaurant, Dunedin
Ombrellos Kitchen & Bar, Dunedin
*Vault 21, Dunedin
Prohibition Smokehouse, Dunedin
*Cucina, Oamaru
T Bar Restaurant, Brydone Hotel, Oamaru

Central Otago

*Millhouse Restaurant, Millbrook Resort, Arrowtown
*Kobe Cuisine, Millbrook Resort, Arrowtown
*Carrick Winery Restaurant, Bannockburn
Olivers Restaurant, Clyde
*Pitches Store, Ophir
*Captains Restaurant, Queenstown
*Prime Lakefront Restaurant & Bar, Queenstown
MacKenzies Restaurant, the Heritage Hotel, Queenstown
True South Dining Room, The Rees Hotel, Queenstown
Wakatipu Grill, Hilton Hotel, Queenstown
Muskets and Moonshine, Queenstown
*Roaring Megs, Queenstown
Observatory Restaurant, Millennium Hotel, Queenstown
Bistro Gentil, Wanaka
Wanaka Gourmet Kitchen, Wanaka
Cardrona Hotel, Cardrona

South Canterbury/Mackenzie District

The Dubliner, Methven
Carnegies, Fairlie
The Panorama Room, Mt Cook
The Hermitage Hotel, Mt. Cook
Stronechrubie, Mt. Somers
Poppies Café, Twizel

South Coast

The Whistling Frog, Catlins
Paddington Arms, Invercargill
Redcliff Restaurant & Bar, Te Anau
The Fat Duck, Te Anau
Two Fat Stags, Waikawa

West Coast

Matheson Café, Fox Glacier
Waterwheel Restaurant, Stations Inn, Hokitika

Kitchen Staff | Stonyridge Vineyard, Waiheke Island

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KITCHEN STAFF NEEDED |Stonyridge Vineyard, Waiheke Island
December 2018

Stonyridge Vineyard is looking for experienced kitchen staff to join our team. Vacancies include Kitchen Porter, Kitchen Hand & Chef de Partie roles.

Stonyridge Vineyard is arguably New Zealand’s top specialist red wine producer and has been for more than 20 years. Our wines have buyers from all over the world.

Our menu is NZ Modern cuisine, you will have the opportunity to work with a well travelled Head Chef and cater to our Larose Club VIP members both locally and from all across the globe.

If you want to work and play with a great team of individuals and think you can offer us what we are after, then please apply with full current CV to – info@stonyridge.com or call us on 093728822.

(Please note, only applicants with NZ residency or a valid NZ work permit will be considered for the role)





Positive changes to Employment Bill

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Changes to the Employment Relations Amendment Bill will make parts of the legislation more acceptable to business.

A supplementary order paper lodged by the Government would address some key concerns, BusinessNZ Chief Executive Kirk Hope said.

Areas softened in the Bill are provisions on union access and multi-employer collective agreements (MECAs).

Kirk Hope said the changes resulted from NZ First’s influence in changing the Bill and business would be grateful for its input in striking a better balance between employer and worker rights.

A previous clause that would have allowed union reps free access to workplaces without permission has been changed to free access only where there are union members in a collective covering their work, or where bargaining for a collective is under way.

And a previous clause that would have prevented employers from opting out from MECAs has been changed to allow employers to object to a MECA as long as the objection is on reasonable grounds.

“The ban on larger businesses from using 90-day job trials remains, and also the requirement for employers to reach agreement on bargaining demands for collective agreements, a provision which in our view would breach international law,” Kirk Hope said.

BusinessNZ family organisations EMA, Business Central, Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce and the Otago Southland Employers’ Association undertook a high profile campaign against the Bill in its early stages.

Mr Hope said the campaign had the support of thousands of small and large businesses that were concerned at the disruption the legislation would cause, and they would be hoping for further changes during the committee stages of the Bill.

Full & Part Time Staff | Miss Clawdy, Auckland

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Miss Clawdy is all about having a good time whilst delivering excellent service matched with fine Southern USA & South American cuisine. We are looking for experienced waiters & waitresses to join our busy restaurant down at Wynyard Quarter in Auckland City.

Both Full Time & Part Time positions available.

We expect our staff to:
• Be reliable, honest & punctual
• Personality driven with great communication skills
• Have an excellent work ethic
• Ability to work in a team
• Show initiatives
• Someone interested in food and wine, eager to learn and progress in this industry

Miss Clawdy will provide:
• On the job training
• Very friendly and fun working environment for you to develop your food & wine knowledge
• Competitive pay rate for the successful candidate according to skill level and experience
• Uniform
• Staff Discounts
• Staff Meal

Must be available to work weekends. Miss Clawdy is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner.

Please only apply if you have experience in the industry & enjoying working in a fast-paced, busy restaurant. Please contact if interested jackydong0203@gmail.com 


Vacancies – Quality Restaurant Limited

posted on

Restaurant Manager – with one year managerial

experience and Business Qualification

Assistant Manager – at least with experience working

in Thai restaurant

Chef– minimum 1 year experience and

Cookery Qualification

Bar Tender-  with experience in a restaurant; willing

to be trained


Please email your cv and cover letter to grasshopper@outlook.co.nz
Thank you, we look forward to working with you.