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Christina Aguilera and Latto Star In New Menulog Campaign

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Award winning superstars, Christina Aguilera and rapper Latto are bringing ‘big, big energy’ to Menulog’s new campaign.

It seems the history of surprising music collaborations is about to enter a new age as the chart-topping duo unveil their first ever track together in a new video for Menulog, while simultaneously creating a brand new music genre in the process: hip-hopera.

In a surprising new take on the now iconic ‘Did Somebody Say’ track, Christina, famous for her smash hits ‘Genie in a Bottle’ and ‘Dirrty’, uses her incomparable vocals to deliver the operatic chorus, while ‘Big Energy’ star, Latto drops her signature bars about the amazing selection Menulog has to offer.

The playful lyrics showcase Menulog’s ever evolving offering, reinforcing that the food delivery platform isn’t just ‘burgers and fries’ but has more ‘flavours than you tasted or you heard in your life’. From everyday grocery essentials to popular restaurant brands, and locally-loved authentic dishes, Menulog delivers delicious food for every occasion.

Building on the previous success of Snoop Dogg and Katy Perry, the latest remix of the Did Somebody Say track has combined two heavyweight artists to excite, entertain and deliver joy with a surprising visual and musical world that will leave many humming the tune to themselves for days on end.

The music video sees Christina and Latto in elaborate and glamorous costumes dressed as opera singers as they make their way through an extravagant palace setting. Couriers and suitors cater to their every need, offering the stars a range of their favourite foods from Menulog, including tacos, poke bowls and even sushi delivered on a train.

Christina Aguilera said: “Working with Menulog and my girl Latto on this genre-fusing project was honestly a blast. We laughed a lot, sang loud and got to make a lavish video all in celebration of our favourite takeaway and grocery app.”

Latto said: “When I heard about the opportunity to work with Menulog I was actually abroad on tour using the app! It was a no-brainer for me especially with the iconic Christina Aguilera involved. I had so much fun with this collab and have loved seeing it come to life.”

Simon Cheng, Marketing Director at Menulog said: “‘Did Somebody Say’ has helped put the Menulog brand on the cultural map and it’s amazing that the latest evolution reflects our own evolution as a business, with Latto and Christina speaking to our move into delivering grocery, convenience and non-food essentials. This is our biggest iteration of Did Somebody Say to date, combining two massive stars, elaborate costumes, jaw-dropping set design and special effects to create something truly catchy.”

You can view the new ad campaign now on Youtube.

Find out more about the Association’s partnership with Menulog here.
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