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Restaurant Association launches HospCred industry accreditation programme

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Hospitality businesses committed to improving their practices and increasing their impact now have a new certification programme.

HospoCred rewards businesses that demonstrate they exceed recognized benchmark standards of employment, training and business management, signaling to Government, other businesses, employees and diners what it means to be a responsible and transparent hospitality business.

HospoCred was developed by the Restaurant Association as part of our hospitality roadmap – a strategic pathway to create long term industry improvements.

Businesses can apply to become an accredited member enabling them to join a community of other businesses dedicated to the same vision and goal.

To achieve HospoCred accreditation a business needs to undergo an application process and be assessed to meet high standards in five different areas:

  • Employment processes
  • Workforce Development
  • Policy / Business
  • Financial Management
  • Training / Professional Development
“There are so many hospitality businesses out there that are going above and beyond when it comes to running their business responsibly and those businesses deserve to be recognised. Not only does it send a signal to Government, employees and diners that this is a business that is exceeding its requirements but it also acts as a benchmark for other businesses to work towards.”

As part of the process the Restaurant Association will complete interviews with the owner of the business and some of their employees to verify the information submitted.

To achieve accreditation criteria the business will have displayed how their employment practices exceed standards. The criteria will also assess business compliance, as well as the workplace policies and procedures in practice that support employment relationships and provide guidance for the business. Accredited businesses will have policies and procedures that promote an efficient, productive and harmonious workplace culture.

Once a business is accredited, they’ll hold that accreditation for two years. If at any time it’s been identified that a business’s HospoCred accreditation needs review, the Restaurant Association will work with the business to help implement any changes, if needed.

In this current climate we are seeing more businesses thinking about what they can do to attract and retain staff.  Whilst salaries have gone up by over eleven per cent in the past year, employees are also looking to work in businesses that they feel reflect their values and offer them a safe and enjoyable place to work whilst providing opportunity for professional development. This accreditation will help signal to those looking for employment that this is a workplace that will help meet their aspirations.


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