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Restaurant Association Recruitment Drive: Working for the Industry

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Get a Hospolife billboards
put the spotlight on hospitality

Out door digital billboard on Quay St

Our recruitment drive campaign, hospolife, has kicked up a gear as we promote the benefits of giving a career in hospitality a second look.

We are working with LUMO, a digital billboard space provider, to help get our message out to a new audience. Last week we kicked off our 6 week billboard campaign spanning the country, which will help direct more job seekers to our industry.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, is a page created to educate job seekers on the pros of working in the industry, along with connections to resources and our Facebook jobs boards, all aimed at getting more workers to consider ‘finding their future in hospitality’.

If you are keen to share your story to use as part of the campaign marketing, please let us know here.

There is more to come in the campaign including audio adds on Podcast networks, increase video ads on youtube, stoical media and more.

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