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Front of House | Woodside Bar & Kitchen | Manukau, Auckland

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Front of House Manager – Woodside Bar – Kitchen – Functions

The role of a Front of House Manager is to manage the licensed venue assigned to them as a profitable, responsible and popular business operating within the parameters outlined by the Group FoH Manager and Ops Manager

• To effectively and efficiently manage all the day-to-day liquor, food and gaming operations.
• To engage and manage all staff working at the Venue in order to achieve agreed budgets and business plans and to comply with the Trust’ legal obligations as an employer.
• To manage all aspects of Venue’s budgets, cash holdings and stock to ensure the Trust’s resources are used prudently and profitable.
• To develop and deliver agreed promotions and events at the Venue
• To ensure that the Venue is operated safely for staff and customers and that the Venue always complies with all relevant statures, regulations, and licence conditions.
• To develop customer service standards and policies, ensuring they are delivered and maintained at a high standard (assisted by Group FoH Manager)

Group FoH Manager/Ops Manager


• Day to day management of the sale of liquor and other beverages in the Venue.
• Maintain reconciliation processes on daily and weekly basis using approved processes and ensuring all corresponding banking for both TTCF and the Trust are correct.
• Compliance with all provisions of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act and with all conditions set down in the Venue’s liquor license.
• Management of security operations and services on the Venue’s premises including making sure that security staff employed at the Venue hold the necessary qualifications under the Private Security Personal and Private Investigators Act.
• Compliance with all provisions of the Food Act and the Food Safety Law Reform Act and with all conditions set down in the Venue’s food licenses.
• Management of the day to day Class 4 gaming operations at the Venue
• Ensuring continuous compliance with the Trust’s obligations under the Gambling Act, with gaming regulations and conditions set down in the Trust’s gaming licence.
• Have extensive knowledge of all menus at the Venue, including the function menu while maintaining knowledge of local and international food and beverage trends.
• Liaise with the Executive chef to maintain knowledge of upcoming menus and specials.

• Engagement, direction and support of all staff employed at the Venue, ensuring a high standard of communication is maintained between Front of House and Kitchen staff
• Periodic evaluation of staff performance, assisted by Group FoH Manager
• Managing disciplinary procedures with staff who have acted inappropriately or dishonestly in their duties as employees for the Trust – this task will be supported by the Group FoH Manager and Ops Manager
• Oversee all Front of house staff ensuring regular staff meetings are maintained
• Allocation of staff resources within the Venue’s operations to ensure agreed opening hours, customer service standards and staffing budgets are met.
• Ensuring that all staff are adequately trained and directed as well as supported to improve their skills and career experience.

• Apply necessary budgeting options in order to achieve KPIs set by the Ops Manager (assisted by Group FoH Manager)
• Understand and maintain good ratings for Sculpture Hospitality BEVINCO stock reporting
• Overall management of cash held at the Venue to ensure no losses through fraud or theft.
• Reporting the financial performance of the Venue to the Group FoH Manager and Ops Manager within the agreed timeframes and formats
• Effective management of all liquor, food and other stock necessary to ensure the efficient operation of the Venue and to meet agreed customer service standards
• Monitoring of stock purchases, and stock utilisation against sales, the recording of stock variances and losses and the regular reporting of these to the Group FoH Manager
• Pricing of beverage and food sales in order to reach margins agreed in the Venue’s budget and business plan.

• With key staff working at the Venue, planning promotions, events and programmes which will optimise sales.
• Ensuring customer enquiries are addressed in a timely manner including assistance to Function enquiries when necessary
• Maintaining a positive customer feedback record with minimal customer complaints (assisted by Marketing Manager).
Woodside Front of House Manager
Job description

• Operating the agreed health and safety plan for the Venue and ensuring that the Trust always meets its obligations to its staff under the Health and Safety at Work Act
• Complying with the Trust’s host responsibility policies as these relate to the sale of alcohol, gaming and personal safety and ensuring that all customers at the Venue remain safe as customers.
• Ensuring compliance with all statutes, regulations and licence conditions which are relevant to the Venue and its operations.

The Group Foh Manager, Ops Manager, the Trust Administration Manager, Marketing Manager and other Venue Managers employed by the Trust, other staff of the Trust, and the Trust’s customers, suppliers and contractors, Local authorities including Auckland Council, the District Licensing Agency and the Regional Public Health Agency and gaming foundation representatives .

The person holding this position is expected to be conversant with financial reporting systems, stock and asset management systems, to have mature judgement, a strong customer service ethic and considerable experience in managing staff and commercial operations.
The FoH Manager is required to hold a current General Manager’s qualification for operating a licenced premises under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act and be a Key Person for the operation of Class 4 gaming machines under the Gambling Act.
Prior to being appointed to the position they will need to pass the requisite character checks and not have serious criminal convictions for any offence.

• Honest and reliable
• Excellent communication and inter-personal skills
• Leadership skills, empathy and an ability to motivate others
• A positive and professional manner
• Self-managing and results focused
• A desire to uphold positive morale

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