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Direction to Close

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Non-essential businesses, including cafes, restaurants, bars & takeaways must close.

You will have all heard the Government announcement that the alert level in New Zealand is currently Level 4 – and will remain at Level 4 from 25th March for at least 4 weeks.

This means that non-essential businesses must now close. All restaurants, cafes, bars, takeaway services (including delivery), gyms, cinemas, pools, museums, libraries, playgrounds and any other place where the public congregate must close.

If you are unsure if your business is an essential service, you can ring 0508 377 388 or email

More information is available here:

As the Prime Minister said; this is about protecting all New Zealanders and working together at this very difficult time. We are now in an unprecedented environment but good faith still applies, however, time will now be of the essence for your communications and process.
If you haven’t already, we recommend you meet with your employees as soon as possible to advise and discuss the temporary closure. We know you will be worried about your businesses, your staff and what happens next. We have included (below) the following resources you will need at this time. 

Key member-only resources (login to view):

Key points:

  • You will need to meet/communicate with your staff as soon as possible to advise them:
    • what is happening with your temporary business closure
    • timeframes
    • what employees will be paid
    • leave entitlements
  • You will still need to operate in good faith – consultation with your employees is imperative
  • Time is of the essence for communication
  • Keep the conversation going with your employees when you are in close down.

We understand this is a distressing time for you, your staff and your families. We are here to help and do what we can to assist you at this time.

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