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Emergency information for Christchurch members

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We are all in shock regarding the attacks that occurred in Central Christchurch.

Our deepest sympathies are with all of those people who are affected.

Employment / Business guidance

There may be some businesses who were affected by the central city lock down and any advice over the weekend for people to stay away from some areas of the city, so we have compiled information for you to consider in managing how this affects your business. Please click here to access our emergency guideline for this situation.

Wellbeing and health

A crisis or traumatic event can trigger overwhelming emotional responses, while not all people will be impacted in the same way. There are some who will feel no personal impact at all and require no help but there will be others on an emotional rollercoaster. Our partners, EAP Services have produced some information on identifying and minimising stress in yourself and your team members. Access this information here and do seek help if you need it. There is also a national helpline that has been set up for anyone who needs to talk – the number for “Need to talk” is 1737. You can call or text.

Hospitality community fund raising campaign

We have also been contacted by a number of members who want to know how to show their support for the families directly affected by the Christchurch attacks and our Muslim community. We are getting behind DineAid, who have started a month long campaign to raise money for those in need. Find out more about getting involved here.

Advice for tourists

Christchurch NZ are updating advice here and you may find this useful when talking to tourists.

Please heed the advice of NZ Police to keep yourself and others safe and please take care during this extremely dark and tragic time for the city and New Zealand.

If you need to talk to the Restaurant Association, call the helpline on 0800 737 827.

Marisa & the Restaurant Association Team

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