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Head Chef | Mint Cafe and Kitchen

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Head Chef Required

We are looking for an experienced and qualified Head Chef to take charge of a brand-new cafe/restaurant in an iconic heritage listed building situated in the Far North. You will work closely with the on-site Assistant Manager and Owners and be the first in command of the kitchen. You will create dishes using fresh local ingredients available at the time and inspect dishes before presentation to customers always ensuring high quality of satisfaction.

You will need to buy into our responsible attitude towards our environment and make use of an onsite garden for fresh herbs etc. and extensive off-site vegetable garden and orchard. Worm farms and composting, solar power and other environmentally responsible systems will be utilised.


• Proven experience as head chef and kitchen management with strong understanding of menu costing, kitchen percentages and rostering skills.

• Good skills in delegation and ability in dividing responsibilities and monitoring progress, along with outstanding communication and leadership skills.

• Up to date with culinary trends and optimized kitchen processes.

• Good understanding of computerised restaurant management programmes.

• Credentials in health and safety training.

• Proven experience and up to date qualifications in running a Food Control Plan.

Please email your cv and cover letter to
Thank you, we look forward to working with you.

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