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We are changing our membership structure and pricing in 2018

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Introducing our new membership tiers for 2018

As an organisation we are now over 2000 members strong and our aim is to continue to grow in 2018. In order to do this and provide members with all of the services we would like to offer, we needed to review our pricing structure. This was discussed at our recent executive meeting with our regional branch presidents and it was agreed that there would be a price increase next year.

We hope this does not cause any undue stress for any of you (and if it does – please call us). We have worked hard to keep our prices as low as possible but in order to deliver what members say they would like to see more of we have no other option. However, as a sweetener, we are ensuring that every member will receive two complimentary tickets to our annual Hospitality Summit. This year we held the Summit in  Wellington in October and plan to hold next year’s Summit in Christchurch. Tickets to the Summit this year were priced at $190 so, in essence, you are getting more for your money with that one offer.

We have increased the team serving the helpline as this continues to be what members tell us is a top benefit. Additionally, we have increased our list of savings to members (and will continue to do so). We are planning more professional development around the country and more new initiatives, which will be released as we head into 2018.

We are finalising an offering for members that will be available next year. This new offering will be an online platform for managing all of your compliance worries – which includes local council bylaws – and the platform has been tailored to be meaningful to all areas of the country. We hope you like it and look forward to telling you more about this in the near future as this will be offered as part of a premium membership.




Suitable for the Restaurant / Café / Bar / Caterers
and other hospitality businesses
  • Free 24 hour advice/helpline
  • Partners and supporters discounts
  • Free online business resources and templates
  • Discounted professional development
  • Free mentoring
  • Free access to research and trends including the remuneration survey
  • Participates in the Gift Card / Gift Voucher Program
  • Industry updates on legislation – issues impacting the industry
  • 2 annual complimentary tickets to the Hospitality Summit (valued at $350)
  • Annual subscription to Savour Magazine



Suitable for the
Restaurant / Café /
Bar / Caterers
and other hospitality
businesses who
wish to gain
recognition as
accredited employers


Receive all
Full Essentials
benefits plus..
  • Free access to the full webinar library (valued at $1500)




Suitable for
businesses with
no bricks and mortar from
Coffee Carts to
Food Trucks
  • Access to 9am – 5pm employment advice
  • Partners and supporters discounts
  • Participates in the Gift Card/ Gift Voucher Program
  • Free mediation and representation not included
  • Annual subscription to Savour Magazine




Suitable for Restaurants / Cafes /
Bar / Caterers
and other hospitality businesses
with additional sites
  • Discounted rate additional sites (60% savings)
  • Includes Full Essentials



Suitable for Suppliers to the Hospitality Industry
  • Free online business resources / templates
  • Free member listing on website
  • Provide networking opportunities
  • Free annual hospitality report
  • Partners and supporters discounts
  • Discounted advertising rates
  • NEW! Opportunity to offer member discount
  • NEW! Associate referrals scheme
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Annual subscription to Savour Magazine

Members can save an average of $15,000 a year. Check it out here.   REVIEW MEMBER SAVINGS HERE

Existing members on full membership will be automatically transitioned to the Full Essentials membership tier.


If you are paying your membership by monthly direct debit your payment schedule will be automatically updated to the new tiers from January 1st, 2018.

If your membership is billed annually, on your renewal date you will be emailed a direct debit form to complete and to re-select the tier that best suits your business.

If you want to change your membership tier, just login and upgrade your selection.

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