Restaurant Association of New Zealand

Helping Your Business' Bottom Line...

The Restaurant Association wants to ensure that all members are taking advantage of the full range of exclusive services and benefits available to them through the Association. There have been a number of new initiatives introduced over the past few months including access and savings on the following programmes:

  • Medical Insurance
  • Environmental Certification programme with Greenbizcheck
  • Hospitality website design and online presence with Eveve
  • EFTPlus customer loyalty programme
  • NetPay online cloud payroll solution

1. INSURANCE ~ Protect Your Business' Most Valuable Asset - YOU!

The Restaurant Association of New Zealand, in association with Maurice Trapp Group have searched high and low for the best medical insurance plan for the hospitality industry (for you and your staff), and the resulting policies are impressive. There are also some additional incentives that come with our medical insurance plans:

  • Everyone taking out a new policy will receive a $50 Restaurant Association voucher.
  • If you decide to use this as a staff retention tool, for every three staff members who take out a policy, you, as the business owner, will receive a $100 Restaurant Association voucher (and each of your staff would still receive a $50 voucher for taking out the policy). [READ MORE]

2. ENVIRONMENTAL CERTIFICATION ~ Looking At 'Greening' Your Busines?

Restaurant Association members told us that they plan to dedicate more resources to furthering their businesses green initiatives over the next 12 months (source Restaurant Association environmental initiatives survey 2011).

Like many of our members the Restaurant Association of New Zealand is actively committed to reduce its impact on our environment and to identify environmentally-friendly measures to save energy, water and other resources.

This is why we have partnered with GreenBizCheck ( http://www.restaurantassociation.greenbizcheck.com) and our efforts have earned the Association Bronze certification through their environmental certification programme.

In addition, through this partnership interested members canachieve their own environmental certification plus receive a significant 50%discount off the certification fee. [READ MORE]

3. WEBSITE DESIGN ~ Review Your Business' Website / Online Presence

How Old Is Your Web Site? Is It Getting Found? Does It Work On A Mobile Device? Does It Convert Visitors Into Diners? Can Diners Receive Instantly Confirmed Bookings 24/7?

The Restaurant Association has entered a relationship with restaurant and cafe website design specialists Eveve to offer members a low cost, effective website design package to suit your needs.

Standard features include the ability to fully manage the content on your site, enhanced search engine optimisation, full social media integration, a free smartphone APP, the first years hosting fee for free, the ability to take real time bookings, the choice of an attractive range of templates and so much more. [READ MORE]

4. CUSTOMER LOYALTY PROGRAMME ~ Imagine A Loyalty Programme Where Your Customer's Eftpos or Credit Card Is Their Loyalty Card

Exclusive New Member Benefit For Restaurant AssociationMembers With The EFTPlus Loyalty Programme

The Restaurant Associationrecently announced an exclusive new partnership programme with EFTPlus, a company that provides an innovative loyalty program based on your customers Eftpos and Credit Card transactions. It's a system which will help you understand your business better, understand your customers better and give your customers more reasons to keep returning. It's easy... no more loyalty cards as the customer's payment card is their loyalty card. No more printing, stamping or swiping; there's no installation and you can be set up in minutes.

Plus, Restaurant Association members can take advantage of an exclusive offer with EFTPlus, saving you up to $200 off the set up cost for the programme. [READ MORE]

5. PAYROLL ~ Looking For A Cost-Effective Payroll Solution? ...new member benefit with NetPay

Anothernew partnership the Restaurant Association has introduced is with NetPay, a premium online payroll solution for small to medium businesses. NetPay can greatly assist members by providing a simple, cost-effective solution to managing your payroll.

Some of the key features of NetPay include:

  • PAYE handling
  • Inland revenue filing
  • Free Help Desk
  • Free upgrades
  • No installation required
  • Online based, meaning you can work from anywhere
  • Backed up automatically
  • Comprehensive reporting, with over 15 types of reporting modules available
  • Low monthly investment
  • No charge for downtime
  • Open tem arrangement, meaning you can stop at anytime with no catches.

In addition, through this partnership interested members with less than 20 employee receive FREE implementation (saving up to $250), or those with more than 20 employee simply pay a flat rate $50 implementation. [READ MORE]