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Which Public Holidays Apply For ANZAC Day & Easter?

There has been some confusion about the public holidays falling over Easter and ANZAC day this year. To alleviate any confusion, we‘d like to remind members of their obligations over these upcoming public holidays.

The public holidays over the Easter period are Good Friday (22nd April) and Easter Monday (25th April). Easter Sunday is NOT a public holiday. This means that those employees who normally work on Sunday are not entitled to a paid day off, or time and a half for the hours they work (unless this is provided for in their employment agreement).

To add to the confusion, Easter Monday and ANZAC Day fall on the same day this year. Treat this day as one public holiday, with no additional payment required due to the double-up.

If staff usually work on the Friday or Monday and you require them to work, the usual time-and-a-half applies plus one day in lieu. If they don‘t normally work but you require them to, then they get the time-and-a-half of their usual hourly rate.


Easter Sunday (24th April) is not classed as a public holiday although it is a restricted trading day for some businesses (along with ANZAC Day). Under the Shop Trading Hours Repeal Act 1990, there are 3 ½ days when some businesses have trading restrictions. These are Christmas Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday; and Anzac Day, until 1.00 pm. However in general foodservice businesses can trade as usual as the Act specifies that takeaway bars, restaurant and cafes can trade when "you only sell food that is already cooked or prepared, and is ready to be eaten". In terms of serving of alcohol, as per the Sale of Liquor Act, patrons are able to be served alcohol if they on your premises for the purposes of dining.

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