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Q. I've been contacted by OneMusic, but I'm not sure they are allowed to request this payment for playing music?

If you pay music in your business you need the permission of the people who own the music you play to use their work in this way. Under the New Zealand Copyright Act 1994, music writers and the owners of the recordings of that music have a number of rights which allow them to control how and when their music is used and to negotiate payment for this use.

These rights include:

  • The right to perform music in public, (e.g. by playing a CD, radio, TV or by a live performance)
  • The right to communicate music to the public, (e.g. a radio or television broadcast, via a music on hold system or to make available for download)
  • The right to reproduce music, (e.g. on a CD or on any recording device such as an iPod)

Because it is difficult or impossible to obtain permission from every copyright owner prior to performing, communicating or reproducing their music, OneMusic has been established to provide a link between music users and creators and producers of the music. OneMusic is a joint licensing initiative between APRA (who represent music writers and publishers) and Recorded Music NZ (who represent record companies and recording artists). OneMusic's role is to administer the rights of their members (i.e. a worldwide repertoire of music writers, publishers and record companies) and enable you to play music in public by taking one simple licence.

If you perform or communicate music to the public, or reproduce music, you need to obtain a OneMusic licence to comply with the New Zealand Copyright Act 1994.

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