Restaurant Association of New Zealand

Q. I've been contacted by PPNZ, but I've already paid APRA, do I have to pay both? What's the difference between the two organisations?

Yes you do need to pay both licences. This is because there are two copyrights involved with music.

These are:

A: The copyright in the song, being the composition and/or lyrics. APRA grants licences for the public performance rights in the musical work and distributes licence fee income back to songwriters and their publishers.

B: The copyright in the recorded version of the musical work. PPNZ grants licences for the public performance of recordings and distributes licence fee income back to record labels as well as directly to registered New Zealand recording artists.

The practical effect of this distinction is that the public performance of a recording requires two licences – one from APRA and one from PPNZ.


Both organisations understand that, from an outsiders point of view, the two licences may look like the same thing, and may even be perceived as double-dipping. However, as the information above points out, there are two sets of copyright owners involved so hence there are two representative organisations. An anaology often used is that commercial music use is like a car that needs both a Warrant Of Fitness and Registration.

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