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Surprises At The End Of Your Lease

17th September, 2014

The standard ADLS Deed of Lease (Sixth Edition) (“ADLS Lease”) requires a tenant to reinstate alterations or additions to the premises made by the tenant, should the landlord require it, before the end of the lease.

Commercial Tenancies

September 2013

Obligations to make good and reinstate a premises at the end of a lease are not usually at the forefront of the mind of someone who is about to enter into a new lease or take an assignment of an existing lease. This is particularly the case where a business is in its early phases - it is easy for the business owner to get caught up in the excitement of their new venture and often their optimism and eagerness to get into the premises and start trading can cloud their judgement when it comes to negotiating the finer terms of the lease.

Rents, Landlords & Leases

June 2013

Nothing is certain but death and taxes… and rent if you own a café or restaurant. BY CLYTH MACLEOD

Commercial Tenancies - parting with possession

September 2012

Obtaining landlord consent to an assignment or sublease of your lease is a standard requirement for commercial tenancies. While a tenant wishing to exit a lease will generally remain liable for the extent of the term of the lease (even following an assignment), a savvy outgoing tenant will try to improve its position by negotiating a release of its liability in place of new securities from an incoming tenant.

Rent Reviews... what can you do?

March 2012

Rent reviews are a fairly frequent occurrence in most leases and often a source of disagreement between landlords and tenants as to what level the reviewed rent should be set at. If you have received a notice from your landlord stating that you have a rent review due and the landlord wishes to increase your rent, then unless you are happy to pay the increased rent the first thing to do is to obtain a copy of your lease and check the rent review provisions.

Lease Obligations - it's about more than the rent

August 2011

The extent of a tenant's responsibility to maintain and repair their premises under a commercial lease is something that often causes concern for both landlords and tenants alike and is not always easy to determine.

New Leases - a checklist for tenants

November 2010

Negotiating a lease, or re-negotiating, can be stressful, particularly when you think your lease could make or break your business. You could find your business is paying too much rent, is responsible for other costs not related to your business and facing costs for situations outside of your control. The following guide provides some important steps that will help to protect your business and guard against some common mistakes.

BEWARE The Terms Of Your Lease May Have Changed Without Your Knowledge

May 2008

Tenants of commercial properties should be aware of changes which have occurred to commercial leases as a result of the Property Law Act coming into force on 1 January this year.

Who Pays - The Tenant Or The Landlord?

May 2008

A member contacted us recently seeking our opinion regarding a dispute over their lease.