Restaurant Association of New Zealand


T700 Training Team of the Year 2014
Sponsored by City & Guilds.

A Training Team event comprising of three members (two chefs and one restaurant service person).
Each team is to cook and serve six (6) portions of;
• Entrée featuring a New Zealand Dutch-style cheese, (any/all vegetables used must be fresh New Zealand grown vegetables)
• Main featuring Cervena® venison, potato or kumara as the starch and at least two (2) other fresh New Zealand vegetables [no fungi].
• Dessert using two (2) Barker’s products.
Full detailed information and an entry form will be forwarded upon request.
Contact salondirector@restaurantnz.co.nz

Three copies of the recipes and two dish description cards are to be supplied.
The winners (school and students) will receive a prize package valued at over $7000.

Time and location: Sunday – 11.15am Southern Hospitality Kitchen; 11.30am Restaurant Association Arena.
- Results will not be displayed prior to the Prize-giving -
Prize-giving: Tuesday 7.00pm

T701 Upper North Island Waiters’ Race
Sponsored by Restaurant Association of NZ and Magazine Publishers.

Establishments are invited to organise a team of four of their staff to participate in this event. It will include a relay with a waiters tray, a full glass and a bottle of wine. Please visit the Restaurant Association website for more information.

The winning establishment will receive a marketing campaign valued at $6,000, flights (if required) to the National final of the Best Dining Guide Waiters Race and $4000 cash.

Time and location: Tuesday – 2.30pm Meadowfresh Arena.
Prize-giving: Tuesday 7.00pm


The ServiceIQ Cookery Apprentice of the Year 2014

Eight of the top cookery apprentices in New Zealand will test their
skill in this three hour competition.

Time and location: Tuesday – 1.30pm Moffat Kitchen.
Each finalist will receive a ServiceIQ medal and a gift pack from vegetables.co.nz.

The winner will receive return airfares and $1500 towards accommodation or conference fees to attend the 2014 Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, and associated master classes. For further information, see www.ServiceIQ.org.nz.

Prize-giving: Tuesday 7.00pm

Fusional Food Cook Off

Theme: The Burger Battle
Sponsored by Auckland Council.

Auckland Council is proud to present What’s Your Flavour? Fusional Food Cook Off with this years’ theme being ‘Burger Battle’. This is a fun, ‘have a go’ cook off encouraging students to explore combining culinary traditions to produce new tastes and visual sensations. Three teams from participating schools have battled it out against each other for the chance to take on the other winning school teams in the grand final at the New Zealand Culinary Fare 2014. What’s Your Flavour? competition is all about ‘have a go’ and having fun with food. Please visit the Restaurant Association website for more information.

Time and location: Tuesday – 3.00 pm Southern Hospitality Kitchen; 3.00 pm Restaurant Association Arena.
Prize- giving: Tuesday 7.00pm

Nestlé Toque d’Or
Organised by Nestlé Professional.
In association with NZ Chefs Association, vegetables.co.nz, Beef + Lamb NZ, Akaroa Salmon and the House of Knives.

This premier national student competition is between invited teams of three (3) students and covers both cookery and restaurant service skills. Twelve New Zealand teams are competing in the 2014 competition. Details available from Nestlé Toque d’Or Event Manager, Anita Sarginson Ph. 021 149-1990 or toque.dor@nz.nestle.com

Time and location: Monday – 11.00am Southern Hospitality Kitchen, 11.00am Restaurant Association Arena.

* All competitors are advised to carefully read the rules and conditions(on website). In paying for entry into any class the competitors and all persons assisting those entering state they abide by the competition rules *